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Bruce Bialosky

Crazy New Rules Encouraging Vaccination Punish Americans

With the advent of the Covid-19 Delta Variant, there has been an explosion of demands for people getting vaccinations. Private companies are imposing rules for their employees which are perfectly legal. But the government solutions to this problem are typical of government solutions – insipid and nuts and punish the wrong people.

I am forced to put in a qualifier here because of the great lie that Republicans are the true problem regarding obtaining vaccinations. I have had Covid and both my Pfizer shots. I have never met a vaccination I have not taken. When my physician tells me to get a shot, I get a shot. Two years ago, my Doc told me to get a pneumonia vaccination because I was 65+ years of age. The Beautiful Wife and I went Walgreens and did that the same day.

I tried to understand why people don’t want to get a Covid shot. The argument that it is still experimental is nonsense. Hundreds of millions of people have gotten the shots and Covid deaths plummeted. There are cases where it has not worked for people or caused problems, but the vaccines have worked and work against the Delta Variant.

We now have a new term – breakthrough cases. That is what they call cases for people who have gotten the shots and have gotten Covid. Of the 165 million Americans who have gotten vaccinated, the hospitalization rate is .003%. Of the people who have gotten vaccinated, the death rate is .0005%. Dying from a lightning strike is at .0007% — which means you are more likely to die from being hit by lightning. As Marc Thiessen stated in a recent column “If you’re vaccinated, you have a much greater chance of dying from a hornet, wasp or bee string, a dog attack, a car crash, drowning, sunstroke, or choking on food than you do of dying from Covid-19.”

Our beloved President comes up with a solution which is to force all government employees to get vaccinated or they will be punished. They will have to be tested weekly. Did anyone ask him who is paying for all these tests? Did anyone ask him whether the employees will have to do this on their own time? We know the answer to those questions is “no”; that would be against their union contracts and Uncle Joe would never cross a union. Who is going to cover for them while they are not doing their work? Is this going to cause the employees to have to work overtime at time and a half or double time? How exactly is this punishing an employee for not getting a shot? That is like sending a kid to his room which has a flatscreen TV, PlayStation, and computer. Oh, Joe — punish me some more for not getting the shot.

There is another genius idea President Joe has which is to hand out Benjamins to everyone to encourage them to get a shot. And when they don’t get the shot, is he going to up the ante to two Benjamins, then three? Because Uncle Joe decided he is the Patron–in–Chief since being elected, we can envision him walking around at rallies handing out stacks of $100 dollar bills and hugging the women.

Democrat-elected officials followed right in lockstep with Uncle Joe and laid down law – either get a vaccination or go to your room. Gavin Newsom, for now the Governor of California, adopted the same scheme as Uncle Joe in giving employees two choices. The first choice is getting the shot. The second choice of being tested is going to cost the residents of California hundred of millions of dollars while the employees are going to be sent their rooms to watch Netflix or Hulu.

The ultimate act of audacity and stupidity comes from the teachers’ unions in California. In agreement between the leaders of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the teachers’ union, every student, teacher and staff will be tested every week regardless of whether they have been vaccinated. We are talking over 700,000 people tested every week. At what cost? Where is that money coming from? How much education will be getting done here? Maybe it is a better idea to have them tested than the children be brainwashed by these Leftists. Where is Black Lives Matter when you need them?

In addition, here is something all these elected officials disregard. They talk about getting vaccines or getting tested. There is a total disregard for the millions of people who have had Covid and have natural immunity. I have been told by multiple sources that natural immunity is at a higher level than the immunity from the shot. A doctor said having both gives us super immunity. Why are our elected officials not treating those people as exempt also? There are tests to show they have the antibodies.

My biggest regret is that I did not invest in a testing company early on. The Democrats will drag this out for a long time and wait for the next variant. Look for more restrictions to come.