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Richard Rider

Top 10 reasons to recall Governor Gavin Newsom

I’ve been thinking of the major voter issues that the GOP should be publicizing to unseat Gavin Newsom.  I’ve pared it down to this “Top Ten” list:

1. Crime
From massive shoplifting to murder, CA crime rates are zooming up.   The most dramatic increases in crime are ALL occurring in the big, Democrat-controlled cities.  Democrats OWN the crime spree.  I think that ‘crime’ might be the top issue in this recall.

2.  Homeles​sness
Especially since Newsom publicly INVITED the nation’s homeless to come to California where we will take care of them. NO CA voter wants more homeless here. Even our state’s HOMELESS don’t want more homeless here!

3.​  CA gas taxes and prices
Our TOTAL CA gas tax and fee costs exceed $1.20 a gallon.  Yet our roads are among the worst in the nation. It’s a bread and butter issue that voters can and do understand.

4.  Lockdowns
It appears that variations of a lockdown WILL be imposed again and again by Democrats whenever some new variation of a communicable disease appears.  People are sick and tired of this oppression, and of all the harmful side effects.

5.  Newsom’s hypocrisy
 Newsom has blatantly violated his own mask and social distancing mandates, while unleashing police on the rest of us to enforce his diktats.  Moreover, he was fine with closing the public schools for a year while HIS kids attended an OPEN private school.

6.  The theft of THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS in CA fraudulent unemployment claims 
Much of that loss will have to be paid by employees having bigger “unemployment insurance” payments deducted from their paychecks in the future. Most of that stolen money went to California prisoners and ​international crime syndicates.
Newsom was in charge. Not a SINGLE CA bureaucrat was fired as a result.  He doesn’t like to talk about it.

7.  ​HSR
CA HSR is now opposed by voters by at least a 2-1 margin.  It’s the madness that proves Democrats should not hold office in the Golden State.

8. Public Education
The prolonged closing and “masking” of public schools while most private schools long ago reopened has enraged many parents.  Clearly the schools (and the politicians) are run by the teacher unions FOR the teacher unions.
The recall is a great time to call for “school choice.”  Let the parents decide what’s best for THEIR families.

9.  Fires, Water and Electricity
Newsom has GROSSLY mismanaged California’s fire threats, water supply, and the reliability (and price) of electricity.

10.  Newsom’s de facto support of open borders. 
Indeed, Newsom recently invited the WORLD to come to our welfare state, stating that “we” will take care of them.
NOTE:  The GOP must NOT be anti-immigration. It should favor VETTED, limited immigration — with enforceable limits on welfare access by immigrants.  Even INCREASED immigration can make sense with these sensible safeguards in place.

P.S.  It’s likely that I’ve missed a couple major issues that should encourage voters to remove Newsom.  Feel free to add your thoughts.  “Ten reasons” is an arbitrary number.