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Ray Haynes

The Disintegration of an Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian

Two big things happened yesterday. First, the Supreme Court failed to intervene, and require the government to actually prove that an emergency surrounding the corona virus “pandemic” actually exists. Second, our Lazy Arrogant Authoritarian in Charge (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom lost it during a press conference.

Let’s talk about the Supreme Court first. Someone needs to do something about the emergency statutes. There is no doubt that statutes defining an emergency, and allowing the government to move forward are necessary. Wars, fires, earthquakes, and similar cataclysmic events occur, and often, swift, decisive action is necessary, for a limited period of time, to address the immediate challenges presented by these events. Oftentimes, the very nature of the legislative process prevents the Legislature from intervening in the short term. Laws need to be suspended, sometimes, things need to happen quickly, sometimes, direct, unrestricted government action is necessary for a short period of time, sometimes. However, Legislatures can act over the long term (meaning anything that lasts longer than two months), and, to protect people from an out of control executive, the Legislature has to be involved in the decision making process after the two month period has expired.

18 months of an extended emergency is simply too long. This is not a radical concept. Every authoritarian regime that has arisen from a representative republic has done so under the guise of an emergency that never ended. Something happens, a bomb in the legislative plaza, a fire to the legislative building, riots, external threats to the government, and the executive declares an emergency, and then never relinquishes power. Following this blunt force acquisition of power, neither the Legislature nor the courts dare to challenge the executive, and before long, one person rule takes over and never goes away. At this point, California no longer has the “representative” republic guaranteed by the US Constitution, and neither our Legislature nor our courts are willing to stand for the basic principle that executive power needs to be limited, either by the Legislature or the rule of law as set forth in the Constitution. The Legislature can amend the law, or the courts can interpret the Constitution to limit power, but someone has to do something. ALAIC Newsom is a dictator who refuses to give up his power, and no one is willing to call him on the abuses of that power in which he has engaged. Someone in government, either the Legislature or the courts, needs to intervene, and limit the emergency powers. They are being abused right now, and everyone is pointing at everyone else and saying “it’s not my fault.”

Which is why the recall is necessary. ALAIC Newsom has proven he won’t take responsibility for his refusal to adhere to the spirit of the emergency statutes, and has taken the position that there are no statutory limits on his power, so he is going to exercise that power as he sees fit. If no one controls him, he will continue to abuse that power. He has proven that over and over again, constantly thinking of new excuses to continue his abuse. The “Delta Variant” is just the latest excuse, and is being used to force people to do what ALAIC Newsom thinks they should do, whether they want to do it or not.

Proof that ALAIC Newsom is both arrogant and an authoritarian was on full display at a recent press conference, which many news outlets have been referring to as the “damn” press conference. ALAIC Newsom lost it. Referring to everyone as a “damn” this or a “damn” that, and claiming that he is not getting credit for all the “great” things about California. He went through a list of how amazing things are in California, and said “not one damn person” looks at those good things. Of course, things are so great in California that lots of people are moving out. I personally have several good friends, life long California residents, who have moved out, to Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho. Heck, half the Republican infrastructure of the Arizona Republican Party used to live in, and be active in, California Republican politics. It is so good and prosperous in California that these people are giving up the millions to be made in California, and moving out of state. Newsom then said these “out of staters” are complaining about how bad things are in California, and “they are just wrong.” ALAIC Newsom’s 20 minute rant is typical of a dictator that is losing control of the government. “It’s not my fault” the Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian will exclaim, “you are just ignorant and don’t understand how good you have it.” Or, “you are being deceived by my dangerous, political opponents. Don’t believe your eyes, your ears, and what you are experiencing. Believe me, I am the expert at this…”

Yeah, right. That is the mantra of every arrogant, lazy, authoritarian dictator. Let me keep power, trust me, I’m doing what’s best for you. ALAIC Newsom’s press conference is a case study for the collapse of an arrogant dictator as he sinks into the madness that results in the abuse of power. If California allows this guy to stay in office, it will deserve the punishment that will follow.