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Richard Rider

ALL Black Lives Matter – but not to BLM – or to the MSM

ALL Black Lives Matter – but not to BLM – or to the MSM

by Richard Rider

UPDATED AUGUST 2021 using U.S. Census figures.

Let’s confront an uncomfortable fact.  No one wants to address the very high per capita black violent crime rates.  Indeed, merely broaching this topic is often grounds for censorship and cries of “racism.”

But the victims of most such black crimes are other blacks.  How does systematically ignoring and/or denying this high crime rate help black communities?  The answer is, it doesn’t.  Ignoring this crime wave guarantees that the carnage continues.  Indeed, arguably it’s racist to avoid this topic.

To its credit, my SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE published a detailed article on San Diego County crime by race – both victims and perps.  It’s based on an excellent SANDAG (the county’s transportation super-agency) study that draws heavily on federal statistics for our region.

It’s a good U-T article as far as it goes.   It provides much valuable information on the crime VICTIMS. But sadly, like all such MSM articles dealing with race and crime, it tiptoes around who the CRIMINALS are.  It presents no statistics on the criminals by race.

Everyone is deathly afraid of saying anything negative about African-Americans.  PC diktats trump journalistic integrity.  Virtue signaling trumps facts and reality.

The U-T headline presents the article’s misleading thesis: “SANDAG report: Data shows Blacks, Latinos more likely to be violent crime victims and suspects” This headline besmirches Hispanics by putting them in the same criminal category as blacks, smushing the two groups together to avoid revealing a very un-PC fact:  Per capita, blacks commit violent crimes FAR more frequently than any racial group — including Hispanics.

Granted, Hispanic crime rates are somewhat above the region’s average crime rates.  But not much.

On page 12 of the cited SANDAG report (Table 5), we find the percent of criminals by race for the top four major crime categories – murder, rape, robberies and aggravated assaults.  Compared with the average crime rates in San Diego County, Hispanics commit major crimes at a 10.6% higher rate than their percent of the population.  But blacks on average commit such crimes at a startling 340% higher rate than their percent of the population.

With 33.9% of the San Diego County population, Hispanics committed 31% of the murders – actually BELOW the county murder rate per capita. On the other hand, blacks constitute only 4.4% of the county population (2020 Census), but committed 24% of the murders – 5.5 times their population percentage.

This high San Diego County black murder rate is NOT an aberration.  Nationally, blacks constitute 12.1% of the population, but commit over 50% of the nation’s murders.  In 2015, the SANDAG criminal report revealed that with only 4% of the county population, blacks committed 33% of the murders.

And it’s not just the murders. In 2019 San Diego County blacks, with 4.4% of the population, committed 24% of the county’s rapes, 39% of the robberies and 21% of the aggravated assaults.

But bad as this disparity is, this comparison understates the black crime frequency. The statistically correct way to look at the crime rate is NOT to compare black crime rate with the overall average, but rather the black crime rate vs. the average crime rate of everyone else.

Using that criteria, we find that — compared to the average for all the other races — with 4.4% of the San Diego County population — per capita:
* Blacks committed murders 6.9 TIMES more frequently than the rest of the county population.
* Blacks committed rapes 6.9 TIMES more frequently than everyone else. 
* Blacks committed robberies 13.9 TIMES more frequently than everyone else.
* Blacks committed aggravated assaults 5.8 TIMES more frequently than everyone else.

As far as I can find, no San Diego media outlet reports these disturbing facts.  Indeed, if I post these annotated facts in a comment, the comment is usually deleted.

For debatable reasons, blacks on average have a very high propensity to commit violent acts — compared to the other groups.  And the MSM is silent about this distressing, ongoing disparity.

No one dare research what are the causes for this very high rate of violent crime in black communities, so no one can say for sure what are the causes.  But personally I’m sure it’s not “race” that is the factor driving the high black crime rate.  DNA or other “racial” facets have no effect.

As I see it, it’s probably the American black CULTURE of the young that is the primary cause of this disparity.  Perhaps the most important single factor is the very high percent of black males raised without a father.  But, as I said, no academic dare research this issue.

Moreover, black African immigrants show no such violent tendencies.  Their crime rates are below the nation’s average.  Clearly it’s not race that’s driving this American black crime wave.

Considering that black victims suffer from higher crime rates too often committed by other blacks, the MSM does a HUGE disservice to the black community by not reporting such facts.  It’s a cultural problem that both blacks and non-blacks refuse to address.  It’s the black community that suffers most from this PC obsession to cover up what is happening.

BTW, the claim that “It’s poverty driving the black crime rate” doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.  The San Diego County median household income for blacks ($51,000) is actually a bit HIGHER than Hispanics ($49,900).  chart #8

Yet Hispanics commit murders less often than the population average, while blacks commit murders at 6.9 times the rate of everyone else.

Sadly, our local media won’t discuss this disparity at all — and no San Diego black persona of note that I’m aware of is constructively addressing this INTERNAL black community problem.  So the carnage will continue unabated.

It’s discouraging that my presentation of such facts will probably label me as a racist.   But I’m trying raise the issue so that cultural changes in the black community will result in far fewer black deaths.

The KKK agrees with BLM — as does the MSM.  All three groups apparently think that we should ignore this primarily black-on-black crime wave.

I disagree.  So I’m a racist?

BLM and their allies have quietly decided that most black lives DON’T matter. There hasn’t been a single BLM protest or riot dealing with the high black-on-black crime rate – a crime rate that kills hundreds of blacks for every unjustified police killing of an unarmed black person.

Indeed, because of BLM and urban politicians’ demands, across the nation, cops largely backed off policing black communities.  The result was a stunning 25% increase in urban murders in 2020.  The level of crime jumped again in the first half of 2021. The overwhelming majority of these additional urban murders were committed by blacks.  And most of the increased number of victims were black.  The MSM absolutely refuses to address (or even mention) this slaughter.

I disagree with BLM’s slogan. As I see it, ALL black lives DO matter.

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