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Richard Rider

ALL Black Lives Matter – but not to BLM – or to the MSM

ALL Black Lives Matter – but not to BLM –or to the MSM

by Richard Rider

UPDATED AUGUST 2021 using U.S. Census figures.

Let’s confront an uncomfortable fact.No one wants to address the very highper capitablack violent crime rates.Indeed, merely broaching this topic is often grounds for censorship and cries of “racism.”

But the victims of most such black crimes are other blacks.How does systematically ignoring and/or denying this high crime rate help black communities?The answer is, it doesn’t.Ignoring this crime wave guarantees that the carnage continues.Indeed, arguably it’s racist toavoidthis topic.

To its credit, my SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE publisheda detailed article on San Diego County crime by race – both victims and perps.It’s based on an excellent SANDAG… Read More

Richard Rider

DEC 16 San Diego should book their homeless on luxury cruises. It would cost less!

Here’s a bizarre SAN DIEGO U-T story detailing how absurdly expensive the city’s homeless shelter is during this pandemic. It’s bizarre because the newspaper is actually acting like it’s a NEWSpaper!

The key point is the taxpayer cost per homeless person. It comes to a mind-boggling $210 per day per homeless person (presumably including feeding costs). That’s $76,650 a year! Apparently for couples, it’s DOUBLE that cost. A family of four? Don’t even think about it.

If it weren’t for the pandemic, it would be cheaper to book our homeless on luxury cruises — where the low-end cost can vary from $100 to $200 per person per day. Probably bigger group discounts could be negotiated. BTW, that cruise ship comparison is MY observation — not the U-T’s.Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Court Decision Allows Child Molesters to Live Next to Kindergarten Classrooms

Voters overwhelmingly approved Jessica’s Law on the November 2006 ballot. Today, the California Supreme Court substituted the opinion of the court over the will of the people.

The court’s decision strikes down mandatory residency restrictions on San Diego County sex offenders under Jessica’s Law and would allow a child molester to live across the street from a school or park where children gather. It puts San Diego families at risk and sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the state.

My wife, former Senator Sharon Runner, and I are the authors of Proposition 83, otherwise known as Jessica’s Law. In addition to mandatory residency restrictions for sex offenders, the law includes many important public safety reforms such as strengthened sexually violent predator laws and increased parole terms. The California Supreme Court’s decision only relates to the residency requirements in Jessica’s Law.

Knowing sex offenders might challenge Jessica’s Law, we introduced… Read More

Tony Manolatos

Brown to San Diego: Tax yourselves or else!

San Diego Politics & Media Mashup

If you believe Governor Jerry Brown, all of us are going to suffer if we don’t agree to tax ourselves more this November.

It’s a tired sales pitch we hear too often from California lawmakers, but that didn’t stop Brown from trying to play on our fears when he visited San Diego on Monday.

The first paragraph in the U-T San Diego’s story on Brown’s press conference framed the governor’s hyperbole this way:

Jerry Brown on Monday in San Diego peddled his tax measure to raise $6 billion annually for education and other state services, promising “real suffering by you and really our whole future” if the proposal fails in November.

There is a lot I admire about the governor, but he is on the wrong side of this issue and his messaging isn’t exactly the stuff of legend.

Maybeno one told him San Diegans… Read More

Erica Holloway

Tipping Point: DeMaio Signs Top Pollster Nienstedt

Camp Carl DeMaio must be doing a jig.

Earlier this week, the councilman signed highly-respected pollster John Nienstedt of Competitive Edge Research & Communication.

So far, the polling for the San Diego mayoral race ain’t been what most of us race watchers would consider legit.

This move signifies a tipping point in the race that will no doubt lead to some substantive research providing supporters, donors and voters alike a clearer view of the field.

The most recent poll, conducted by SurveyUSA from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3 for KGTV, Channel 10, showed DeMaio in the top spot with 25 percent of the vote followed closely by long-time Democrat Congressman Bob Filner with 24 percent.

Trailing behind the pair were Republicans, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis with 14 percent and state Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher at 13… Read More

Erica Holloway

San Diego’s Mayor Race Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

The 2012 San Diego mayor’s race began like other love affairs – lots of hope and promise for the future. Then, the sparkle and shine of courtship faded quickly into the same old dull routine.

No more flowers. No more moonlight and love songs.

Seems I’m not the only one who noticed our romance is fading.

Even the candidates can’t muster the enthusiasm. Both Councilman Carl DeMaio and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis skipped a second, high-profile debate last week and the fall out has been notable.

One Rostra blogger called the no-show candidates “disappointing” while a San Diego Union-Tribune columnist floated the sweat-inducing idea of forcing all the candidates to participate in at least one debate.

[I witnessed what came close Read More

Erica Holloway

Lincoln-Douglas Debate or Freak Show?

Let’s begin with praise. The online news folks at Voice of San Diego deserve big props for diving in head first with a great concept – a political festival centered around the first San Diego 2012 mayoral debate or as they called it Politifest 2011.

However, due to no filtering of candidates, it felt more freak show than what they dubbed a “Lincoln – Douglas” style county fair debate.

Though top-tier candidates, Rep. Bob Filner and Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, participated – they were not “the talk” of the debate.

The “It” kid of the event, Rob Harter, called himself “Girly Girly.”

He opened up with a diatribe about how men are evil, ruining the world with war and guns. Oh, did I happen to mention this event took place on the grounds of the old Naval Training Center, where sailors like my father, attended boot camp?

Yes, clearly the Lincoln candidate.

Meaning wacky retired teacher and magician Loch David… Read More

Erica Holloway

San Diego Mayoral Candidates: Debate This

A debate’s raging in San Diego. A debate over debates.

It’s a curious thing. The moment San Diego mayoral candidate Councilman Carl DeMaio turned down a Voice of San Diego hosted candidates debate, among others already accepted by Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Congressman Bob Filner, suddenly he was the target of much speculation (District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is also not expected to participate).

The result was what we media consultants lovingly call organic news. Suddenly, DeMaio’s name was everywhere – on social media, in headlines and churning in the poliwonk rumor mills. Then, the situation took an even stranger move – Fletcher and Filner sent DeMaio and Dumanis a letter asking them to join them in three upcoming scheduled debates.

In the letter, the pair wrote: “You haveRead More

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