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Richard Rider

Newsom recall cost taxpayers FIVE times more than Davis 2003 recall. Why?

The press and our Democrat politicians are making a big deal about how expensive this recall election was. Estimates are that it cost state and local governments over $300 million. And that IS a lot of taxpayer money.

But as I like to put it, the unofficial progressive slogan is “Don’t Look Back.” Not being a progressive, I’ll ignore that admonition.

Here’s my (edited) response to a liberal critic of mine — after he cited the expensive cost of the failed Newsom recall election:

It’s WONDERFUL to read that you’ve suddenly become concerned about the cost of government. Seldom do we get that complaint from a progressive. Upon reflection, perhaps you shouldn’t have brought it up.
The total state and local taxpayer costs for the 2003 Gray Davis recall election ranged from $53 million to $66 million.

Why did this 2021 Gavin Newsom $300+ million recall election cost taxpayers five times more than the Gray Davis recall only 18 years ago? The CA population grew less than 15% since 2003. Inflation has been low. Odd, don’t you think?

Two main reasons:
1. With Democrats now in total control in the Golden State, the cost of CA state and local government services is soaring — starting with “public servant” pay and benefits.
2. In this recall, the Democrats decided to mail every registered CA voter (no matter how long ago they died or moved away) a ballot — and then to pay the return postage.

So yes, $300 million is an expensive election. Thank your Democrats for that.

But even $300 million is a pittance compared to other foolish CA taxpayer expenditures during Newsom’s reign. Let’s pick just one — the $30+ BILLION unemployment payout fraud — fraud that cost literally 100 times more than this election.

The stolen funds were paid out primarily to CA prisoners and international crime cartels. Meantime many, many Californians had one hell of a time getting the unemployment payments that they were legitimately owed. Newsom and the MSM have studiously ignored this disaster.

I concluded by challenging my critic (a columnist of sorts) to post the URLs to all his stories detailing this astonishing ripoff of taxpayer funds — columns where doubtless this progressive pundit castigated those who were responsible for ensuring our taxpayer funds were well spent.

I’ve heard nothing more from him.

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