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Ray Haynes

Why Do Democrats Hate the Working Middle Class? Let’s Look at Crime

In my last article, I talked about how the Democrats “tax rebate” proposal for relief from high gas prices specifically harmed the working middle class. Those who drive to work every day need a tax holiday, not a tax rebate. Democrats in Sacramento don’t want to give that tax holiday, because they hate the working middle class.

For too long, Democrats have tried to dominate the “we care about the working class” agenda. Their evidence for that is that they “support unions,” which really only means they are in the pocket of the union bosses.

The union bosses are not the “working class.” They are the political class, they are part of the “ruling class.” They force the rank and file workers to send them money (as a part of the collective bargaining process) and then take that money and dump it back into the political process, paying for lobbyists and politicians, to get laws enacted that enhance the union bosses’ power. If you are a worker and you don’t want to pay the union money because you don’t think you get anything for it? Tough beans. You have to pay it anyways, and if you don’t, they label you a “freeloader” or anti-worker. Let me make this clear, I am not anti-union, I am anti-union bosses and forced union political contributions. More than anything else, the bosses and the millions of dollars they control are corrupting our political system. Millions and millions of dollars are dumped into the political process every year by these corrupt actors, and those political pay-offs feather the nest of the union bosses with little benefit to the working class.

There is political fall out from electing the politicians who lick the boots of the union bosses. Most of these same politicians believe that poverty causes crime. It doesn’t, but they believe it does, so they think that letting criminals out of prison solves the “root causes” of crime, which they believe are poverty and societal alienation.

Most crime is caused by evil people, that is, people who wish to do other people harm, either for fun or profit. And the only way to stop them from committing crimes on working people is to keep them in a place where they can’t get to law abiding citizens, that is, prison. Prison doesn’t exist to rehabilitate criminals, or even to punish them. It is there to keep bad people away from good people, so that the good people can build a solid society.

Most of the working middle class simply want to raise their family in peace and safety. They don’t have to worry about going to a restaurant and getting caught in a gang war, like what happened in Sacramento recently. Two gang members were let out of prison early, and got into a gang fight that killed six people. These gang members were prohibited by law from owning guns, and, had they served out their entire prison sentences, they would have been in prison, instead of on the street, and, because of the bad Democrat inspired policies that let them out of prison, six people are dead.

Democrats will cry a river of tears over some criminal who gets shot and killed because he got into a fight with the police, but then bury their head in the sand when six people are killed by a criminal that their bad policies let out of prison early.

The fact is “early release” programs, reducing sentences, diversion programs, and any other program that doesn’t put real evil people in jail make the entire community less safe. Law abiding citizens suffer because their children are no longer safe, their property is no longer safe, and their neighborhood is no longer safe. Whether the criminals are organized criminal enterprises, such as most gangs, or random psychos, like most child abductors or molesters, failing to put those criminals in jail, and keep them there for extended periods, hurts the working middle class.

And if the working middle class complains, the Democrats yawn and say “who cares?” That is because they hate the working middle class. They don’t care that families everywhere lock themselves in their home at night to be safe. That’s not their problem. According to Democrats, cops who target criminals for arrest are the problem, not unsafe streets.

If Democrats cared about the working middle class, they would care about making their neighborhoods safe. That doesn’t mean that cops get to cause harm randomly, but it does mean they do get to stop those who target the families and property of those whose only concern is to make sure they take care of that family and property. A safe society is a productive society.

The Democrats’ policies on crime benefit criminals at the expense of the working middle class. Just another piece of evidence that the Democrats hate the working middle class.