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Bruce Bialosky

Dump Trump

Did you ever have a friend that is always a challenge with whom to deal? At times you know why you are friends. But then there is simply too much drama. Every conversation with this friend includes some form of hysteria in their life. Just when you think things have settled down, a new tumultuous event happens. You finally conclude that no matter what you once thought about this person, there is just too much agony to continue the relationship. That is Donald Trump and that is why he cannot be the Republican nominee.

Sure, some of the drama around Trump is maliciously created by his political enemies. But too much is self-inflicted.

A client recently called with a referral for me. While on the call, I did an internet search of the potential client and included that in the discussion.

I had no idea who Nick Fuentes was before he had an impromptu dinner with President Trump. But I certainly would have known who and what he was before I met with him.

This is a perfect example of how irresponsible Trump can be. Kanye West just showed up with a friend and he has a sit down with a former president. If Trump can’t personally use Google, then his staff most certainly should. Fuentes is in a hard red no go zone. It was bad enough that Trump was meeting with West as his rhetoric on Jewish related issues has devolved to a place no one should defend. Then there is Fuentes who is an off-the-boards wacko and a crazed anti-Semite to boot. How does anyone give this person regard? If your friend wants you to meet with Fuentes you should question the judgment of that friend. “I didn’t know,” is no excuse.

Let’s not focus too much on the most recent incident. It is only the most recent incident. There will be more. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend the next six years attempting to defend Trump over the chaos he creates. Again, a lot of it is self-inflicted.

Yet, that is not the biggest reason to move on from Trump. It is that he will not win. He lost in 2020 to a feeble-minded, inarticulate person who spent most of the campaign locked in his basement. What makes anyone believe he will do better in 2024? His vote count in 2020 was significantly higher than in 2016, yet he lost to a ghost.

The worst part of Trump is he is not a team player. Everything is about Trump. How he (mis)managed himself during the runoffs for the Georgia U.S. Senate seats in 2020 was unforgivable. He cost the Republicans the Senate and harmed his own policy legacy. The destructive policies and judges put in place the last two years are because of Trump.

Not only is there no regard about seeking coattails; he is in the game for Trump and Trump only. Unfortunately, he does not understand the importance of nominating people who can win elections. His gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania could never win that election and he cost Republicans the U.S. Senate seat and a couple of House seats. That was all because the candidate was willing to sell himself to obtain Trump’s support. He was clearly not the best candidate to represent the party in November. Loyalty to Trump was more important than winning.

I have stated for a while there are two principal reasons we liked Trump as president. His policies were extremely effective. And he was willing to fight back against the onslaught from the press and the Democrats. He did not just lie down and take it. He stood his ground.

The policies we all liked are part of the mainstream in Republican politics today. There are a few candidates other than Trump who are willing and capable to withstand the onslaught they are certain to receive if they become the Republican nominee. The difference is they have an edit button.

Just as the abhorrent episode with the anti-Semites was settling down, a new fire ignited. Regarding an election more than two years ago, this statement was made: “allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” That is just the next one in a lengthy line of unacceptable comments.

There comes a time when a friend’s behavior is too much to bear. The time has come to cut the cord and end the relationship. It is time to Dump Trump.