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Bruce Bialosky

I Believe President Biden

I have been taken aback with the chorus of my fellow Republicans who have questioned the word of President Joe Biden regarding his involvement in his son’s business dealings. Mr. Biden was obviously busy with other matters, as you can only expect from a man of his stature. So why would we question his involvement?

Why would any committed American question Biden standing by his son? We are a society based on the strength and support of family. Just because people no longer believe marriage is important; children are borne out of wedlock in record numbers; and 25% of Americans have not been married by the age of 40, why would anyone question Biden’s commitment to family? The fact that the political party Biden leads supports the policies that create these conditions should not be interpreted that Mr. Biden would endorse any of these policies in his personal life.

On the other hand, as Harold Meyerson at the American Prospect stated in his July 25, 2023, column “Biden is the only one there who’s pro-choice, pro-sick leave, pro-affordable childcare, pro-tuition-free community college.” We could include a few other free things Biden is in favor of, but that has nothing to do with these charges about his involvement with his son.

Ever since the issue of son Hunter’s business dealings entered the consciousness of the American people, the “riffraff” has tried to tie Mr. Biden to his son’s business. First, it was the laptop left by Hunter at a repair shop. The fact the shop owner insisted he had ownership rights to the laptop was a false flag operation. Who would sign over their laptop if they did not pick it up for repair? Who would leave their laptop for repair and not pick it up?

President Biden’s insistence that he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with him was obviously the statement of a responsible government official who understood there had to be a Chinese wall between himself and his son’s business.

I never gave any credence to that Tony Bobulinski. Sure, he had copies of emails that had been included on Hunter’s laptop. That does not really mean anything. He came out with this at a critical point in the 2020 election and it was obviously politically motivated. The fact that he was CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, the company Hunter was involved in regarding business with China, does not mean that Joe Biden was intimately involved. Why would it be so unusual that Biden had met with Hunter and Bobulinski, as Biden had a very close relationship with his son and wanted to make sure his son was progressing on his addiction recovery after the split with his wife. This all makes sense to me that Biden was just checking to make sure his son was fine.

Just because then-Vice-President Biden had dinner with Yelena Baturina, a billionaire and the widow of former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, in spring 2014 is no reason to believe that there was any tie to why Hunter received a wire for $3.5 million in February 2014. The V-P was trying to have cordial relations with a major nuclear power and just saw this as part of his job. There is no proof anything was discussed about Hunter’s business or Russian needs. Anyone assuming this was anything other than normal international relations is preposterous. A friendly get-together.

Then there is this Devon Archer guy. He stated it was Joe Biden “that brought the most value to the brand. Burisma would have gone out of business if it did not have the brand attached to it.” That is our speculation. There is no “Biden Brand.” They are not like Hershey’s chocolates.

Archer was profiting personally from the relationship with Burisma. People are complaining that neither Archer nor Hunter Biden had any relevant value other than frequent interactions with Hunter’s father. Archer does not even know what happened when two Burisma executives called Washington with Hunter on the line. It is totally a coincidence that five days later, V-P Biden gave a speech to the Ukrainian legislature suggesting the shutting down and eventual firing of Prosecutor General of Ukraine who happened to be looking into Burisma’s activities.

That fact that Hunter called his father at least 20 times to envelope him into meetings with potential business associates, most of foreign descent, does not mean anything nefarious was being done. I included my son all the time in client conversations.

Congressman Daniel Goldman (D-NY) spoke to the press after the Archer testimony and stated Archer did imply the Biden “brand” was used effectively. But he also stated the phone calls were “all casual conversation, niceties, the weather, what’s going on.” Why would we not believe the United States Vice President would have conversations with his son about casual matters on a speakerphone. Makes sense to me.

Now that our Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed an independent Special Counsel we will find out that President Biden has nothing to do with this. People attacking David Weiss are so unfair. Just because he let the charges for unpaid taxes for two years lapsed past the statute of limitations, brought nothing of substance in over four years of investigation and then ended up with a plea deal rejected by the judge has nothing to do with his performance going forward. He will be a wonderful and effective Special Counsel.

Ask yourself, why would an 80-year-old man with a net worth estimated at $8 million who will receive multiple government pensions once he retires scheme to make more money?

David Harsanyi wrote about this and said, “These people think you’re a bunch of gullible nitwits.” I think that is a very cynical way of looking at things. Joe Biden has always been a straight shooter with us. I don’t understand the negative take on this entire matter.

Isn’t it obvious Biden was never in business with his son. I believe President Biden. So should you.