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Bruce Bialosky

A Happy Column

A friend and regular reader of my column came to me at our Hanukkah party and suggested that I should write more about positive things. Unbeknownst to him, I had already planned my next two columns regarding the Christmas season with a decidedly positive bent. In response to his request, this column attempts just that.

There was an absolutely horrible event in Israel on October 7th, to state the obvious. Twelve hundred people were murdered, and many innocent people including Americans were taken hostage. But many good things have occurred out of this horrific event.

Israel was a fractured country at the time. They were fighting over whether to restructure its court system. That ended. People were called up to enter the battle against the mass murderers and more people volunteered than were expected. Even those religiously exempt showed up in major numbers. The country once again faced their obligation to protect not only the future of the Jewish people but one of the most egalitarian countries in the history of this planet. My understanding is that Israelis have stayed united in order to find their way of ridding themselves of this evil enemy on their border.

We have likewise seen many positive things occur in the United States. The leadership of this country has stood staunchly in support of Israel. Yes, there are naysayers, and the Administration has wavered at times. Demanding that a country in the middle of a hot war against an enemy whose sole goal is complete annihilation meet certain criteria is not reasonable. Overall, our elected leaders have lived up to my long-time stated belief: Supporting Israel is not a Jewish value; it is an American value.

I am particularly delighted by the fact that the Republican elected leaders in this country have stood nearly unanimously united in support of Israel. I have spent more than 30 years arguing that Republicans are the true home for the Jewish people, yet most Jews have long had their political fortunes tied to the Democrat party. The Republicans have shown their commitment to Israel and revulsion of rampant anti-Semitism.

There is a lot to be happy about on the other side of the political aisle. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave an hour-long speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate against anti-Semitism. Not only did he identify the source of anti-Semitism emanating from his side of the spectrum – he called them out. Well done, Mr. Schumer.

Here is something I bet you never thought you would see in one of my columns and I never thought I would write – high praise for Hillary Clinton. She has been stellar on the issue of Israel. You go, Hill. And then there is Senator John Fetterman. Who knew? He has been a giant (no pun intended) with his hall plastered with Israeli hostage posters and telling the world to not dare come and tear them down. You may have a future in politics after all.

This country has once again shown it is the greatest country in the world and the best place for Jews to live outside of Israel.

There have been mass protests, sometimes violent, against Israel. You likely know some started even well before Israel attempted to defend itself against the murderers and rapists. The protesters were calling for a cease fire before Israel had even fired one bullet.

This is a wonderful moment of clarity. For far too long, we have unduly worshipped a college education in this country. Young people have sold their souls and their futures to obtain what was billed as “the key to their future.”

Americans learned that many of our “elite” universities were often indoctrinating students against this country’s core values established over 250 years ago. Many of us were asleep when it came to understanding the amoral and immoral education being taught. They would joyfully say (and perhaps brag) “My Johnnie got into Harvard (or Columbia).”

A lot of people have become painfully aware of the moral depravity pervasive in many of these schools. Students and sometimes faculty have marched in support of people who had just killed 30 Americans among hundreds of others. People now know just how bereft of humane values these places have become.

Big money donors are holding back or contributing to righteous causes such as the United Jewish Fund or Magen David Odom, the Red Cross of Israel. Parents and students are rethinking whether to attend these moral sinkholes and pay their exorbitant fees, only to be turned into immoral and misguided racists and anti-Semites. These are fabulous developments.

Most positively, the entire nation saw the moral turpitude of the individuals hired to run these institutions. Rep. Elise Stefanik asked what appeared to be a simple straight-forward question: “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate your Code of Conduct?” A seven-year-old who has attended Sunday school of any religion would have easily been able to answer YES.

The world saw their distinct moral confusion. Despite having their high-paid attorneys and their PR experts sitting directly behind them, the three university presidents failed the simplest test of their education and leadership. Not one gave a straight answer. It was a beautiful lesson for all Americans.

Thus, there are positive things happening: Israelis are united in their desire to destroy the evil force wanting to destroy them; America’s leadership has stood strong in support of Israel; and Americans learned just how morally void leaders at major universities have become along with the harm professors are foisting upon young American students.

Have a wonderful 2024.