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Bruce Bialosky

The Trump Travesty

In 2023, I twice wrote that Mr. Trump should not run for president in 2024. I have many problems with the man. There are better candidates, ready to be president, who could run and defeat the worst president of the last 165 years. On the other hand, I am confident that Trump is a vastly superior candidate to the current president. Electing Biden for another four years would be debilitating for our country in both domestic and foreign affairs.

I feel violated by what happened in New York City. For analysis of this “show trial” I relied principally on three legal experts: Jonathan Turley, Andy McCarthy, and Alan Dershowitz. Two of these men are Democrats. All three think the same way as I do about Donald Trump. All three spent time in the courtroom and were appalled by what took place. None of the three has ever seen a judge behave and make decisions like the evil Juan Merchan. They have never seen a judge maneuver a case that should have never been brought by the equally evil Alvin Bragg.

As Jonathan Turley stated after the trial, “Even after sitting in the courtroom watching the trial and the verdict, I still have no idea what Trump was convicted of in the case.” Andy McCarthy asserted the same thing.

That being said, I have made some decisions. First, I have no problem if someone does not like Trump. I have no problem if someone is going to vote against him. If you express to me that you think that what happened here was fine and good, then I want no part of you going forward. It is on the same level as if you asserted you are pro-Hamas (there is really no one who is pro-Palestinian – they are just ignorant fools). You are so blinded by your hate for Donald Trump that you are willing to violate any norms and destroy any tenets of our country to see him suffer.

It has been said before and by many people, but bears repeating here – anything that Biden and his gang of inepts and blind idealogues accuse Trump and all Republicans of, they themselves are guilty of doing. They accuse Trump of being a danger to Democracy (Biden repeats it over and over again), but their willful acts here along with a large part of the administration defy the rule of law and regularly destroy the basis of our democracy. Further delineation is for another column.

They believe things they do will not come back to bite them. Mitch McConnell warned former Majority Leader Harry Reid not to dismantle the U.S. Senate filibuster. He did not listen regarding judges and say hello to Barrett, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. In the same manner, these blathering idiots think this will stop here. Though I don’t endorse Republicans stooping to the same despicable, anti-American behavior, what is to stop an out-of-control prosecutor in Tucson, Arizona, from putting Kammy Harris through a similarly ridiculous trial experience in 2028 if she runs for president? Or one in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Once you start this destructive behavior you never know where it leads.

We need to punish the people responsible for this perversion. It starts with the people of New York. They elected Bragg by 68%. They elected the equally disgusting Leticia James in Manhattan by 65%. Then there is Governor Kathy Hochul. Thus, I will no longer be infusing their economy with my money after countless trips there. I am an immense fan of Broadway with an extensive collection of Broadway soundtracks. No more. Why would you support disgusting people like this for some short-term pleasure? The place is a mess anyway, but this makes it a hellhole.

I suggest any real American hightail it out of the state. Why would you stay there? If you run a financial firm, I have two words for you — Palm Beach. Or maybe now Texas since they are talking about establishing a trading platform. The central core of financial operations is already in Palm Beach. Do you actually believe what they did to Trump could not happen to you? Why would you stay in a city that threatens you and your employees providing an inferior level of government services for an exorbitant cost? To go to Zabar’s? To dine at Le Bernardin? Is that worth selling your soul?

If you work for the NYPD, you should quit and get a job in Tennessee, Florida, or North Carolina. A place where if illegal aliens attack you, they will not be let out the next day without bail. You will be appreciated and have a much better life. Same for NYFD. Why would anyone give New York more money to continue their lawless operations?

These people need to be crushed until they awake to the gross mindlessness of their ways. The best way is to drain the coffers funding their demonic operations. Then maybe the center of this evil behavior will be dissipated.

Once Trump gets elected, Bragg and Merchan must be tried for their unlawful behavior. It should not be in their cozy environment. The location of the trials should be either Utah, Florida, Texas, or Mississippi. I am sure they will be able to get a fair judge and jury in those venues. You will not be gagged from defending yourself. Republicans don’t believe in Stalinistic show trials. We are not so blinded by our hatreds that we are willing to sacrifice our country. Jailing these two for life would be the fitting conclusion to this travesty.