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Bruce Bialosky

The Unbridled Attacks on Biden

If you are feeling like you have whiplash, you should. It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly certain elements of the Democrat party, including their in-house press organs called the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico etc., turned on the guy. And there are some major concerns and duplicity central to their reaction.

President Biden looked terrible and spoke terribly on June 27th. If you have watched him since then, he looks better and is better able to handle speaking in public. He certainly was much better in his interview with George Stephanopoulos. You would not hear this from the press because once they turned on him, they totally turned on him.

It is not because he cannot do the job he was elected to do. We have been questioning that from day one. To them Joe Biden had one use and one use only – defeating the evil Orangeman. If he cannot defeat Trump let’s get him out, facts be damned.

First, let us look at the polls. Biden has been slightly behind all year. That is based on the climate in the country. No matter who was running with these policies they would be behind. Americans have been battered by the destructive inflation caused by these policies since the Democrats took over in 2021. Certainly, it has slowed but those figures don’t include essential costs like food and gasoline, which are still significantly higher than three years ago.

After the disastrous debate Biden tanked three points in the polls. He is now down supposedly six points. That sounds bad until you find out that every loser of the first debate in recent history has lost three points in the polls. Also, as defined by Nate Silver, those poll adjustments are fleeting and have been historically. The difference here is that the election is four months away, not a month and a half. He has plenty of time to make things up. I am not counting him out even though I don’t want him in the worse way.

There are three things that have shown the complete duplicity of these folks. First, they refused to see how Biden really is. I believe they blocked it out of their minds. They really did not know. One analysis said that it was because, at least for the press, that if they were perceived as attacking Biden for being an old man who was often slow and forgetful, they would be perceived as supporting Trump. God forbid. Duplicity number one, wasn’t the press supposed to be doing their job?

Second, didn’t we have an election process with primaries and caucuses? You know –democracy — where people voted. The citizens voted for this gentleman knowing his condition. We certainly knew his condition. He campaigned and they saw him as President for three years. That does not matter anymore. You know FDR and Wilson and Truman were nominated by conventions we are told.

We decided decades ago picking a presidential candidate in smoke-filled rooms was passé. All of a sudden that is going to come back in style. These are the people who tell us democracy dies in darkness. These are the people who tell us Biden’s opponent is a danger to democracy. Duplicity number two, they don’t give a hoot about democracy; they just care about winning, especially against the evil Orangeman.

Then there are the senators and congressmen calling for Biden’s head. They don’t care about the country or you. They care about staying in office and winning their elections.

Third, and this is the one that really counts. The lie about Republicans being the party of the rich. The “billionaire supporters” for Trump. Other than the nauseating members of the press and the weak-kneed politicians, the people most talked about wanting Biden to go are the moneybag supporters of the Democrats — as if they should have an outsized say in the matter. They always think they are more important, especially if they are Hollywood celebrities.

Names like Reed Hastings (Netflix), Abigail Disney (never worked a day in her life), Barry Diller, and Ari Emanuel have cast Biden aside. This is despite the $30 million Hollywood raised for him just weeks ago. All of sudden, Biden is persona non grata. Accounts say that the little guys have given Biden $38 million since the debate. Duplicity number three: there are just as many wealthy people who support the Dems as the Republicans and the Dems dance to their tune maybe even more.

After the debate I told people I had a serious case of schadenfreude. In case you don’t know what that means, I was reveling in the suffering of the Democrats. They created it and they deserve it. Their tumult is a joy to watch. But Joe Biden should be their nominee. He was duly elected as such, and I suggest you not count him out. The same people who created the three duplicities above still have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.