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Mike Spence

Cooley, LA Police vs. Dreier, Schiff, Baca and LA County Distirct Attorneys

Wow. A fight is brewing in Los Angeles over a bill sponsered by Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff and Republican CongressmanDavid Dreier over cop killers from Mexico. Mexico refuses to extradite cop killers and other accused of murder and some other crimes because the United States may executethe poor little cop killers or sentence them to prison for a long time.

The big case in Los Angelesis the murder of Deputy David March.

The bill would have originally stripped Los Angeles Distirct Attorney Steve Cooley and other locals from prosecuting killers of peace officers and given it to the federal government. The want the US to stop aiding Mexico until they turn them over. Dreier has voted against this approach.

Cooley and the Los Angeles Police Union were furious. Cooley went on the John and Ken radioshow to denounce it. Schiff-Dreier made some changes that still didn’t satifsy Cooley and Company. Read it here.

Enter Steve Ipsen, the head of the Assocaition of Deputy District Attorneys, who appeared at the re-eletction kick-off of Dreier to counter… Read More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Prop 75 is THE Enchilada!

Excerpted from the Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2005

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made two big announcements at last month’s Republican state convention. The first was that he will seek a second term in 2006; the second was a formal endorsement of Proposition 75, a ballot measure in the November 8 special election that would affect how public-sector unions can spend members’ dues. The second is more important to the state’s long-run future. Mr. Schwarzenegger’s goals as governor include shaking up Sacramento, where an intransigent legislature beholden to special interests had turned the state into an economic basket case. Arnold does have something to show for his efforts to date, insofar as the fiscal bleeding seems to have stopped. California’s credit rating is out of the gutter, and the economy has created a quarter-million new jobs in the past year.

Still, important reforms remain unaddressed, and the passage of Proposition 75, also known as “paycheck protection,” would go a long way toward ending California politics-as-usual. By forcing public-sector unions to get written permission from employees… Read More

Dan Schnur

Ballot Initiative spending

Today’s SF Chronicle reports that Proposition 76, the Governor’s budget reform initiative, may be starting to see its financial support being redirected toward other Schwarzenegger ballot priorities.

"Campaign finance reports released last week showed that supporters of Prop. 76, which would give the governor more power over the state budget, had only $7,600 in the bank on Sept. 24, compared with $914,000 for Proposition 75 and $3 million for Proposition 77." Go to the story here.

Maybe this is just a natural ebb and flow that happens when the same donor base is funding four initiatives. But if this is part of a considered strategy, it’s a smart move. If you’re going to be outspent, it makes sense to target your resources as narrowly as possible. Passing redistricting reform and/or Paycheck Protection is enough for Team Arnold to claim victory, so concentrating their fire on one or both of them increases their chances for winning. Even if the budget initiative loses, Arnold can still legitimately make… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Poochigian drawing a challenger?

Who is this man? He is an official with the Bush Administration, and he may run against State Senator Chuck Poochigian for the GOP nomination for State Attorney General.

Read more in my daily commentary posted with the news each day on this website.

There is always something going on in California politics. And I guarantee you and my fellow contributors and I will always have something to say about it.

Take care, Jon… Read More

Jon Fleischman


BUSH OFFICIAL TO JOIN GOP AG PRIMARY? The top story in the FlashReport news link section today is from the San Francisco Chronicle, and is a must read. Pierre Richard Prosper, who is a Bush Administration war crimes investigator, hails out of Oakland, is black, and is ‘presumably moderate’ according to the story. He has praises heaped on him in the story from former State GOP Vice Chairman Mario Rodriguez, and from former Ambassador to Spain Billionairre George Argyros. Of course, up to this point (and still, since this is just speculation) the field has been clear for GOP State Senator Chuck Poochigian of Fresno. Poochigian is very popular with the GOP and has raised a lot of money (over $2 mil) so far. Of course, on the Dem side, the battle royale is between former Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown (now Mayor of Oakland) and Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

Analysis for now: Unless he ducks out quickly, look for Prosper to understand exactly NOT FUN it is to be in the crosshairs of strategistRead More

Jason Cabel Roe

Things to thank the Main Street Partnership for…

Tuesday’s special election for the 48th Congressional District was decided more by interlopers than the voters of the 48th CD. The East Coast-based Main Street Partnership decided that the candidate endorsed by moderate Republican Governor Arnold Swartzenegger and the California Republican Party…not to mention many members of the California congressional delegation, was not good enough so they spent a few hundred thousand dollars attacking the lead GOP candidate. Here’s the list of things we can thank Main Street for:

Bringing Marilyn Brewer up to 16% from 10% Taking John Campbell down from 50+1% to 46% Putting this seat on the radar for Democrats Forcing Orange County taxpayers to pay for, and endure, a 3rd election in 3 months Keeping the slim House Republican majority one vote slimmer Wasting hundreds of thousands of Republican dollars by forcing a run-off, not to mention, the money they wasted leading up to Tuesday Giving John & Ken a forum (and … Read More

Duane Dichiara

San Diego Mayoral Race

In the 1990’s, voter registration trends, the rise of public employee unions, and internal party conflicts played havoc with the traditional lock Republicans had on San Diego City Hall. By 2003 only two of the city’s eight council seats and the mayor’s office were held by by the GOP. With the resignation of Republican Mayor Dick Murphy in 2005 and the “strong mayor” system of city government enacted by initiative starting in 2006 the public employee unions and Democrats believe the time is ripe for the election of Donna Frye, a liberal Democrat. But the fortunes of the GOP in the City of San Diego are not as low as they might appear at first glance. First, four of the city’s eight council seats are actually naturally Republican – Democrats are holding two seats that will probably move into the Republican column when term limits kick in for the sitting incumbents. The losses occurred in the period after the rise of the public employee unions and before the awakening and reorganization of the local business community and the San Diego Republican Party. Second, while the GOP does not have the registration edge it once enjoyed, self… Read More

Standing At The RexRoad

The story goes that guitarist Robert Johnson cameto a cross-road and made adecision with only short term benefits (fame and riches)…and paid the highest of prices for eternity (life in hell)

Matt Rexroad and his partner, Tom….both good friends of yours truly…aren’t in a life or death situation, but are facing some pretty hostile attacks on their integrity…from a former client…PG&E…now truth be told…I’ve never made a dime from either of these entities….so i’ve got no axe togrind…but where Icome from…respect isearned…I’ve worked closely with both Matt and Tom for years and I know they will…100% of the time…that’s every time for those of you keeping score…make theethically, morally, andprofessionally correctdecision when faced… Read More

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