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Bruce Bialosky

It is Time for Hysteria

There is a battle brewing in Washington over our annual national budget which is supposed to be in place for the new fiscal year, beginning October 1st. The entire discussion is about whether the House Republicans will have the budget’s twelve elements ready by the deadline. The alternative is to once again invoke those favorite letters of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi – “CR” — meaning operate the government based on the old budget via Continuing Resolution. Speaker McCarthy has had a problem meeting his own goal of getting those twelve bills out of committees and to the floor so a budget can be sent to the U.S. Senate and then to the President for signature. All month the talk of the Legacy Press has been speculation as to whether we will have a government shutdown as if that is the worse catastrophe in the world. A shutdown is never good for two reasons. The Republicans get blamed even when Democrats’ fingerprints are all over the lack of a deal. The other aspect is that Washington’s weaklings always seem to make it into free vacation days for our federal employees by giving them their back pay. This pay is for doing what most of… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Google is Where Democracy is Dying?

Has it been more than five minutes since you heard someone on the left spouting about how our democracy is in danger? The Washington Post adopted the slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” while simultaneously keeping their readers in the dark about a multitude of critical issues. Despite all the hysteria, the Left ignores the single biggest challenge to our democracy which has been scientifically proven. Dr. Robert Epstein would be considered by most to be a member of the “elite.” He has a PhD in Experimental Psychology from Harvard. He was Editor-in-Chief of Psychology Today. He has been a visiting professor at international universities and now operates the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT). Politically, he is a self-described life-long center/center-left person who supports the Democrat party. AIBRT has researched many topics affecting our day-to-day lives including AI, parenting and stress management. Epstein has done a deep dive into manipulation of search engines to alter election results and has testified to Congressional committees regarding his research. “As of January 2018, the National Academy of… Read More

We Must Demand Action on the Border

By Margarita Wilkinson, Candidate for Congress CA49

The crisis along our southern border has been a political football for decades and as Californians continue to plead for stronger border security from our federal government, the problem has only gotten worse.

This is not a matter of opinion – this is a matter of fact. And while it’s no longer fashionable to use data to make policy decisions (merely feelings), we must confront the facts.

Margarita Wilkinson

Since Democrat Congressman Mike Levin was elected in 2018, U.S. border enforcement actions have increased over 400%.… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Is America a Bad Place to Work?

Is America a Bad Place to Work? Recently I encountered a study by an organization called Oxfam Research. That study: Where Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off. As defined in Wikipedia, Oxfam was founded in 1942 as a confederation of 21 independent charitable organizations, centered in Oxford England. focusing on alleviating global poverty and led by Oxfam International. There is an American affiliate. I thought the study would be worthy of a deep dive. As the proverbial “big dog,” we can expect operations to take off after us. It did not take long to discern the orientation of this 39-page study – attacking America. After lauding the American economy by size, the authors made this statement, “Despite a powerful economy, one that largely drives the global economy forward, the United States does little to share revenue with workers and does even less to ensure workers are safe and protected while on the job. These are political choices, not inevitabilities.” The introduction then launches into a tirade against the United States seemingly written by the… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Debilitating Hatred

There are certain emotions that will either eat you alive or cause a boomerang effect on you from the actions you take. There has been a hatred manifested throughout this country that is eating at our core and will cause repercussions that may severely affect all of us for a long, long time. A local prosecutor charged the former President of the United States and eighteen others with a RICO statute violation. Most people are confused why a local prosecutor has jurisdiction to make these charges regarding a statewide election. She insisted on two things: a mug shot and bail. Her actions may make her a heroine to the Left, but they brought our democracy to a new low. Did she ask herself whether mug shots were really necessary? Did they not know what “the guy” and others charged looked like? Doesn’t the entire world know what “the guy” looks like? Did she think “the guy” was going to go on the lam? Before we go further, let’s dispel the inane and childish slogan that is currently en vogue with Trump haters – “No one is above the law.” Yes, some are. There have always been people above the law since we have had laws. A mob can enter a… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Note: My column last week was intended to show the implausibility of the argument Mr. Biden makes that he was not involved in the business of his son. In fact, anyone who does not believe that Joe Biden was the focal point of the money scheme must also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Loch Ness Monster. While packing for our recent trip to London, I went to our unread bookshelf – the place where we track acquired but not yet read books. I spotted The Intimidation Game written by Kimberly Strassel. Since we will be seeing Ms. Strassel in September as she releases a new book, I thought it a suitable time to read this one. Given that it is a public policy book from 2016, I thought it might be dated. It is completely relevant to today. The concept of the book is that the Left is using various means to suppress free speech and using the government as the means to do so. A substantial portion of the book deals with the three-plus year attack on the formation of perfectly legal entities that would be used to organize people to express their rights of free speech against their government and its elected representatives. This… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

I Believe President Biden

I have been taken aback with the chorus of my fellow Republicans who have questioned the word of President Joe Biden regarding his involvement in his son’s business dealings. Mr. Biden was obviously busy with other matters, as you can only expect from a man of his stature. So why would we question his involvement? Why would any committed American question Biden standing by his son? We are a society based on the strength and support of family. Just because people no longer believe marriage is important; children are borne out of wedlock in record numbers; and 25% of Americans have not been married by the age of 40, why would anyone question Biden’s commitment to family? The fact that the political party Biden leads supports the policies that create these conditions should not be interpreted that Mr. Biden would endorse any of these policies in his personal life. On the other hand, as Harold Meyerson at the American Prospect stated in his July 25, 2023, column “Biden is the only one there who’s pro-choice, pro-sick leave, pro-affordable childcare, pro-tuition-free community college.” We could include a few other free things Biden is… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Walter Williams Said It First

Walter Williams sadly left us in December 2020. Like his very close friend, Thomas Sowell, he was an economist who would have had a Nobel Prize were it not for the prejudice against black conservatives. Both were/are brilliant teachers who educated us through their writing. Walter Williams authored twelve books, all worthy of your time. In 2011, he published Race and Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination? Williams wrote in this book on a topic that I thought I knew well until he enlightened me. As a Professor of Economics at George Mason University, Mr. Williams was first and foremost an educator. He had the gift of communicating complex matters in understandable terms. Professor Williams addressed the issue of American slaves learning skills. He writes about how slaves were often taught skills such as carpentry, blacksmithing, and farming by their masters. He tells detailed stories of individuals who learned these trades. He does not minimize the fact they were slaves, but he points out how some were able to improve their existence. They were obviously capable individuals and not how they were often portrayed as unintelligent beings… Read More

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