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Bruce Bialosky

Too Many Lawyers Leading to Too Much Mischief

The world has been directing negative comments against lawyers for at least five hundred years. Law schools push out too many people with degrees that go on to lay waste to our economy. Ambulance chasers have given way to the mass marketers arranging financial mayhem. Our government hires throngs of attorneys to attack our businesses and stifle our livelihoods. They end up engaging against legal counsel at other governmental entities in death-match battles financed by our taxes. This has accelerated into an egregious attack on our political system. The visceral hatred of Donald Trump has redefined “political positioning.” Having lived through both RDS (Reagan Derangement Syndrome) and BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), the TDS we are experiencing eclipses the previous ones in such a manner to resemble zombies on speed due to their vengefulness. They were willing to threaten our political system while he was President and have been working to destroy our court system ever since. If you don’t think these actions have a destructive effect permanently, you are probably experiencing TDS yourself where anything is justified to rid of us of the menacing “Orange… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Biden’s Foreign Policy

While conceiving this column I came upon an observation about the difference between the Biden and Trump presidencies. Trump’s administration was chaos, but our lives were normal. Biden’s administration is normal, but everything else is in chaos. When speaking about President Biden, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates stated, “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” That statement made in January 2014 was long before Biden ran as an experienced individual who then became President overseeing our country’s foreign policy. Matters have gotten even worse since he ascended to his current position. There are many decisions Biden has made along with both his feeble Secretary of State and National Security Advisor. There are so many well-known decisions that have gone sideways and then there are others. For example, there is the teams’ disastrous decisions regarding Brazil — the most significant country in South America. Biden did not like the positions of Jair Bolsonaro who was a staunch supporter of the United States and our allies. Because Bolsonaro… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

How The Left Thinks

This column addresses the issue of Claudine Gay, the now-former president of Harvard, but is not really about her. This is about how we who are not on the Left are addressed by those on the Left. And why they are constantly attacking, and their lack of tolerance as opposed to discussing. Many of you may have experienced this, but not necessarily the level of rhetoric frequently experienced by this column’s author. As regular readers know I prioritize reading opinions from the other side of the political spectrum. My belief is that seeking out opposing thoughts is of the utmost importance. A column by a Rabbi in a prominent Jewish publication looked interesting, so I started reading. The column starts: In a few years, no one will remember ex-Harvard president Claudine Gay’s plagiarism kerfuffle. All we’ll remember is that that she angered some rich pro-Israel donors, as well as opportunistic activists and politicians, and they got her fired. That should be chilling. Finding that vexing I decided to locate the author and ask some questions. I wrote an email: Working on a column on this subject. Have a couple… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The New Fear Weather

Life-threatening’ storm to slam Southern California beginning Sunday, last for days Monster storm bears down on California: The danger zones, the forecast, the warnings Sunday’s ‘Pineapple Express’ expected to wallop Southern California Forecasters say a second storm fueled by an atmospheric river will hit California next week, roughly doubling the amount of rain falling Thursday on Los Angeles and surrounding areas. These are some of the headlines that we have been faced with recently regarding what is considered by most people in the world to be a normal part of life, but a strange phenomenon to people in Southern California – weather. We are so accustomed to “75 degrees and sunny” that when we actually must drive in rain, it is a psychological experience for many. It seems that the press these days have nothing better to do than scare people. I have been noticing this development recently that has followed on the heels of the mass evacuations occurring in areas where there were hurricanes. I have written previously about the fear tactics… Read More

Richard Rider

The San Diego Union-Tribune just erased DECADES of local history

Our daily newspaper — the failing SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE (“the U-T”) — just closed down a major function for a newspaper — the online comments from readers of the paper.

Ostensibly, it was a cost-cutting decision. But they lie.

They not only stopped posting comments. The paper ERASED the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of carefully screened comments from ALL U-T articles available online dating back decades!

They KNEW what they were doing. The paper erased some of San Diego’s history for no economic reason.

Not PRINTING letters to the editor would be an understandable business decision. But it costs the paper NOTHING to allow reader comments online. A robust comments section honoring the intent of the First Amendment could continue — if the paper actually FAVORED free speech. They don’t.

The paper’s editors have never liked reader comments, because such comments are OVERWHELMINGLY critical of the paper. Articulate critics (yes, I’m one) take the U-T to the woodshed for a whippin’ every time they run their woke, biased screeds masquerading as… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

How We Got a Lot Richer

The Wall Street Journal ran a column on December 4th entitled “Who Got a Lot Richer During the Pandemic,” . I read it with great interest and found a gaping hole in the analysis. The column starts by telling us the pandemic made Americans richer which many might think counterintuitive to reality. After all, 2020 saw many businesses were shut down for extended periods of time at the beginning of the pandemic. Depending on the state in which you live, the period many businesses were shut down was extensive. I am sure that you saw the permanent closure of retail businesses and restaurants in your local community. Big businesses were allowed to operate, but smaller retailers were closed along with many service businesses. The column cites that home values went up during the period. People had fewer opportunities to spend money in the absence of concerts, shows or amusement parks; less eating out; travel, etc.; so, they… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Joe Biden is a Terrible Father and a Lousy Liar

As we lurch into the 2024 election year, it is imperative we confront the naked truth about the potential contestants for the grand prize of President of the greatest country ever. Though it is often stated that family is off limits in political discussion, I believe that ship has sailed for President Biden – he is a lousy liar and a terrible father. That flies in the face of what we are told on a daily basis by the current White House staff and their sycophants in the Legacy Media. How many times has the current press secretary told us that Joe Biden loves his son? And the point is? The parents of the Columbine murderers loved their children. Did that exonerate them from being atrocious parents? How could they not know what those kids were doing in their own homes? Any honest parent knows there are struggles with raising children. There is a difference of opinion as to when that parenting ends. Some believe that once they are “grown” parenting ends. Others like me believe it ends on your death bed and may go beyond that. Certainly, what constitutes parenting evolves over the years. What you do with a six-year-old versus a… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

No Interest in Democracy

The Left is constantly warning us about the dangers of losing our democracy. They were convinced The Orange Man (Donald Trump) was going to steal our democracy for four years and if elected again will finally complete his goal of becoming a strongman autocrat. One major publication changed its tagline to say that “Democracy Dies in Darkness” while keeping people in the dark. As usual this is just a head fake as they have little interest in the process of democracy in our country. The Left has used the courts to affect major legislation they could not pass through the democratic process (you remember, elected legislators voting on bills and the executive branch officer signing it into law). The most obvious cases are the Roe V. Wade and the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage. That is just a smidgeon of what is done regularly as we have seen ever-burgeoning bureaucracy making non-democratically initiated rules that we must obey or face significant fines or jail time. Their arguments are exemplified by the NYT column from October 3rd by Jamelle Bouie… Read More

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