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Richard Rider

We need FEWER and FEWER California public schools — and colleges!

For a variety of reasons, the number of California children under age 18 has been steadily dropping — EVERY year from the 2004 peak. From an education spending standpoint, this rock-solid trend is a BIG deal! And it’s a big deal not only for public school age children, but also when deciding about the future need for expandingcollegefacilities.

But first, let’s look at our youth population trend. Here’s a simple chart of the “18 and under” children in California during this century. This number includes babies, toddlers and kids in both public and private schools. Many of these kids will later be seeking to go to college.


Less than age 18

Year Number

2000 9,267,089

2001 9,325,466

2002 9,365,142

2003 9,404,594

2004 … Read More

Richard Rider

The $15 billion March Prop 13 may buy iPads and paint with 35 year bonds

In March California voters may well vote to go further into debt with a mislabeled “Prop 13” $15 billion state bond measure. I’ve previously written an article about why this con job (using “Prop 13”) is a terrible idea.

But I must credit the recent SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE editorial opposing this March Prop 13 (occasionally they get something right) with presenting an additional devastating point that needs emphasis. It’s worth quoting and expanding on. It’s an insight that no one is raising:

“Sadly, the days when California required 35-year bonds be used only tobuild long-term capital improvementsare long gone. Proposition 13 specifies $5.8 billion would go to K-12 schools to build,repairandmodernize schools. What does this mean with current loose rules? Districts use long-term borrowing to pay forRead More

Bruce Bialosky

Can Anyone Say, “Food Fight”?

After a short time, it seemed like Bluto (John Belushi) would come out on stage and start throwing cake. Or maybe Harpo Marx would start blowing his horn at the participants. Yet, all we had was the remaining candidates for the Democrats’ nomination for president. This was a political spectacle never quite seen before.

One would think they might anticipate having a large audience derived from the addition of Moneybags Bloomberg to the lineup after he poured hundreds of millions into his campaign. It turns out the TV audience was the largest ever for a Democrat debate. Excellent timing for the six people on stage to go after each other like family members after the death of the wealthy matriarch.

Fifteen minutes into the debate I tweeted we are really going to need fact checkers for this slugfest. But, since they are all left-wing operations, that would be futile. True to form PolitiFact almost exclusively went after Bloomberg while letting the others off the hook.

One fascinating part of this debate was how little the opposing candidates went after frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Here is a question that one of them needs to ask, but never have: “Senator… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

What the Trump Presidency Has Given Americans

A smart friend of mine reminded me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Very few Americans are aware of the pyramid of actualization that Dr. Maslow developed, but when explained to them they would see it as common sense. They would also recognize that for many Americans the Trump Presidency has allowed them to reach the top of the five levels.

In 1943, Dr. Abraham Maslow proposed a hierarchy of needs that humans experience. He went on to refine it, but the pyramid defines how modern life works. Obviously, the goal is to work your way to the top. Going through the levels, we can see how Trump has gotten more Americans to level five than his recent predecessors.

The first level is physiological needs. Those are your basic human needs for food, shelter, clothing, etc. Few Americans are challenged at this level. The homeless in urban environments are a recent development as to whether all Americans fulfill their needs at this level. Think of third world countries where people lack the basics such as a clean water supply. Our country has risen above that as have other first world countries. Once you don’t need to worry about those basics, you go to the other… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Senator H.L. Richardson, RIP

Lost amidst the tumult of the last several weeks was the quiet passing of an outspoken leader of California – H.L. “Bill” Richardson. H.L., as he was known to his friends, arrived in the California State Senate with the freshman class of 1966, part of the Reagan landslide that year.

For every one of the 22 years he served in the Senate, H.L. was a force to be reckoned with. He served for many years in the Republican leadership, but he was never, ever, a political insider. His enormous influence inside the senate stemmed from the fact that he never joined that club – he never lost sight of the people who elected him – and he not only worked tirelessly to serve them inside the capitol – he worked even harder to organize, inform and mobilize them outside the capitol.

He founded a multitude of advocacy groups to empower the millions of Californians who believed in individual liberty and economic freedom. He started the “Free Market Political Action Committee,” to support free market principles and the candidates who embraced them, and it became the inspiration and prototype of groups like the Club for Growth and Americans for… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

California Government’s Total Control Over Employers

California made a dramatic splash with the passing of the now infamous AB5. The bill, which became law on January 1, 2020, codified and expanded a California Supreme Court ruling dictating that virtually anyone working for your company except specifically excluded professions is a W-2 employee. These employees include ever-escalating minimum wages, egregious unemployment and worker compensation costs. The California state government continues to intensify their micromanaging of California businesses.

In addition to the dramatic AB5, the state legislature passed and the governor signed into law 18 bills in one year that control how business owners operate their businesses. That might make sense if the elected leaders knew how to run businesses or even had experience working in private industry beyond a teenage job at a burger joint. The Assembly has 80 members, of which 61 are Democrats. Those Democrats collectively have six who actually worked in private industry for any discernible time. Two of those were doctors/dentists who ran a practice. The remainder either were attorneys, labor leaders or spent their entire careers in positions related to government or as an… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The Stupidest Idea from The Impeachment Drama

Now that impeachment is experiencing a just death knell, we can focus on other relevant matters more important to our lives. Before we move on, we need to clarify a topic that came to light during the Trump defense which has been grossly misunderstood.

Alan Dershowitz created quite a stir by making a slightly unclear statement. It was then greatly distorted by those who want to use any opportunity to attack Trump even if it involves throwing a life-long liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton under the bus.

In the course of answering a question, Dershowitz stated that a president cannot be impeached because of doing something that is inherently in their political interest; thus, it is not illegal. Some interpreted that Dershowitz was saying a president can commit an illegal act and not be impeached. An argument ensued and Dershowitz made clear what he was saying but that did not stop the opposition from casting his thoughts as out of the mainstream of legal thought.

The principal reasons they went after Dershowitz is, he is arguably the most famous attorney in the country, he is a liberal Democrat and he is arguing for Trump. He gives the Trump… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Things to Consider Before the Impeachment Vote

The U.S. Senate will soon vote whether to convict President Trump and remove him from office. Not many people believe that will happen. Many people believe this entire process is to convince voters to cast ballots against Trump and Republicans in November. Neither may be true. Whether you are part of the Senate or a member of the public, you should consider the following facts before casting your vote.

1. The person who has been the lead in developing the case against President Trump and in presenting that case to the Senate insisted for nearly two years and right up until the presentation of the report by Robert Mueller that he had definitive proof of collusion between Trump and the Russians. Mr. Mueller totally discounted that was the case on July 24, 2019. Why would we believe anything that the Lead Person has asserted regarding the telephone call Trump had with Zelensky the very next day?

2. Since that telephone call on July 25, 2019, Democrats have stated that delaying the military aid to Ukraine was an affront to an ally of the United States and was risking lives of Ukrainians who were defending their country against a Russian aggressor. Yet for three years… Read More

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