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Bruce Bialosky

We Need to Change Our Presidential Election Process

On November 3, 2019, I turned to my wife and said I cannot believe we have another year of this. “This” is our presidential election. I am your definition of a political junkie. I have been involved in national political activity for forty years. I have written a weekly column on public policy for over twelve years. If I am thoroughly exhausted, what do you think the average (non-political junkie) American is thinking? It is a dysfunctional system.

Just think about it, the out-of-office party held their first presidential debate on June 26, 2019. That is over sixteen months before the general election. That is more than seven months before the first primary. That primary is exactly nine months before the general election. If you think this enhances the process of selecting our president, raise your hand. You in the back, did you take your medication today?

We started this process with let’s say 25 Democrats running for the office. No one had an exact count. Can anyone point to how this has made them look better? Possibly I am not an impartial judge, but I cannot think of one candidate it has made look better. They have spent their time escalating their… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Elizabeth Warren and Her Plans

Senator Warren’s star has faded from a sure thing nominee (that is why I don’t do predictions) to being back in the pack. Whether she gets the nomination or not some of her legion of plans will be adopted by her fellow Democrats. As you may know, Senator Warren as it has been said has a plan for everything. Her website lists more than 50 plans for various public policy issues. Let’s take a look at a couple of plans to get an idea where she is trying to lead us.

One plan you would not necessarily think I would look at with great interest is for universal childcare. It popped up on my computer so I took a look. It was eye opening and probably indicative of what she wants to do with the rest of her plans.

Her writing is in a very folksy manner to make people feel like she is one of them. In this case it tells of the struggles she had while raising two children and teaching law at the University of Houston. It is nice to know she has faced some of the same challenges as the rest of us.

She then outlines the problem. Childcare costs are high. They can be particularly challenging for single parents. Not only are costs high, but finding quality, safe… Read More

Richard Rider

Charles Schwab moving its HQ from San Francisco to North Texas

This week Charles Schwab and Co. announced that it was buying (“merging” with) TD Ameritrade — a firm I do business with. But it’s also quietly moving the Schwab HQ from San Francisco to Texas.

The company seeks to remain competitive, as brokerage fees are disappearing. Texas offers at least 15%-20% lower business costs than San Francisco — or even Nebraska, which is the current HQ of TD Ameritrade.

Along with far lower rents, Schwab will no longer be paying the SF 0.38% payroll tax and the 0.6% tax on financial service companies. The SF Schwab employees who move with the company to Texas will no longer be paying the San Francisco CITY income tax of 1.5% (not to mention the sky-high CA state income tax). I doubt many will be missing those levies on their paychecks. Doubtless the San Francisco progressives are either unconcerned or delighted with Schwab’s departure. The clueless “woke” crowd wants nothing to do with filthy lucre. After all, it grows on trees. Along with cell phones.Read More

Bruce Bialosky

And They Want to Take Over Health Care

. Experiencing how the government works firsthand offers insight into whether we should allow some of the presidential candidates’ plans to further expand the federal government’s responsibilities. My recent encounter with the Social Security system defines everything we need to know about how our government functions. Let’s just say that my wife by happenstance had an appointment with the DMV the same morning and remarkably hers was a far superior experience.

Under direction of some experts on Social Security (SS) I planned to file for spousal benefits from my wife and then at age seventy take my full benefits. This program expires for anyone born after January 1, 1954 (thanks Mom for sneaking me under the wire). As directed on my 66th birthday, I applied online for SS benefits. The SS website was very easy to work through except it was unclear as regarded the benefits being claimed were spousal benefits. I wrote a very detailed explanation in the comments area. The information regarding the Beautiful Wife (BW) was already part of the questionnaire so they knew everything about her.

A little over a month later I received correspondence about my… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

You Want to Read a Good Story?

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I am sitting in my office cleaning up some matters. Since moving our offices to Studio City, it is easy to drop in after lunch and handle some work – especially since I am a Saturday football guy and not a Sunday one. The Beautiful Wife (BW) calls with an anxious voice. A stranger just entered our home. That is where our story begins.

We live in a very safe neighborhood that no one could find before smart phones, Google Maps and Waze. We have been here for 29 years with no personal incidents and only one real one for a neighbor on our cul-de-sac. On occasion, we have mistakenly left our garage door open overnight with no incident except for a couple raccoons taking up residence on a shelf.

Our garage door was malfunctioning, stuck in the open position and the new one on order had yet to be installed. It turns out that had little to do with this incident.

BW was on the other side of the house relaxing and watching something on TV. She heard our three dogs going crazy as they are a great alarm system. Anyone who gets near the house gets the barking treatment. They are a valuable part of our security along with our modern system… Read More

Richard Rider

CRUCIAL public misconception: “Business makes 36% profit on sales” Actually only 6.5%.

Here’s acrucialmisconception by the public. It’s a misunderstanding that leads to calls for government mandates such as a $15 minimum wage — with the cost supposedly paid out of “greedy business” profits.

A poll asked:“Just a rough guess, what percent profit on each dollar of sales do you think the average company makes after taxes?”

The average response –36%. That’s aboutFIVE TIMES the actual figure. Other polls give similar results.

The latest average profit margin of 212 industries was 7.5%. The median profit margin was 6.5%.

To state the obvious: Given that labor costs constitute 30% or more of the sales dollar for most industries, the cost of a $15 minimum wage will HAVE to be paid by the customers.

BTW, the latest (2018) profit margin for hated Walmart? 2.25% (LOWER than the 3.1% in the 2015 chart below). That’s BEFORE Walmart paid 37.4% of their profits in federal and state corporate income taxes, leaving Walmart with an after tax profit margin of 1.4%! See details at the bottomRead More

Bruce Bialosky

Just a Few Thoughts on Impeachment

You may be sick of the topic already, but it is not going away. I thought I would give you some random thoughts on what we have seen as of now to let you better understand the process.

I believe that the people testifying are earnest and committed to our country. It is also clear that for the most part these people are very supportive of a free Ukraine that is separate from Russia or Russian influence. We pretty much all support that.

On the other hand, some have an idea that they should be dictating our government’s foreign policy and they think our current President is a rube when it comes to these matters. You can believe that or not, but he is the President and he makes the policy and the witnesses work for him and should not work against him.

Then there are facts that are just swept under the rug by the Press and Democrats because they do not fill their narrative. They do it by simply avoiding topics. The Press never asks Democrats about their newfound support for Ukrainian military funding. No one is ever asked where were you five years ago when Ukraine was invaded, and Obama did little to support them.

Last week, someone was given a shot to… Read More

Richard Rider

San Diego releases fake figures on the city’s financial outlook — the U-T swallows it whole

Once again the SAN DIEGO U-T newspaper reporters failed to look skeptically at false government projections. In this case, the city of San Diego grandly released their “Fiscal Year 2021-2025 Five Year Financial Outlook.” While the report admits that, as it stands, there are annual budget shortfalls, it foresees this shortfall declining each year until 2025, when the city bureaucrats project asurplus— with no tax increases. Absolute poppycock.

ADDENDUM: At the bottom of this article is a U-T editor’s welcome if lame response to this critique. And my response to his response. Fun read.

Granted, the city report is full of… Read More

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