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Bruce Bialosky

The Column from Hell

Those of you who have read my columns over the years know that a principle is to not write what other people are writing, particularly if the subject is covered ad nauseum. In other words, you (the reader) need to have a reason to spend your valuable time reading what I am conveying. Yet, I am going to delve into the topic du jour because a few things need to be said and others need to be clarified.

First, you really need to read for yourself (multiple times) the transcript of President Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine instead of letting others interpret it for you. I learned to do this in college because a classmate and I had to analyze Richard Nixon’s Checkers speech, a speech which saved his political career in 1952. After about the fifth reading we were finally seeing why this was one of the great political speeches in recorded history and we had the assignment.

After reading this current transcript numerous times, I came to understand one point clearly which is why I recommend you read it more than once. President Trump asked a favor of his Ukrainian counterpart to look into Crowdstrike. This was the beginning of an announced inquiry by the U.S.… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Newsom Speaks the Truth

(more…)Read More

Bruce Bialosky

What The Left Does Not Get About the NRA

Since the spate of events where multiple people were murdered with long guns, many politicos have been raging that we must do something. Every sane person wants to end these mass murders committed by deranged individuals. Our citizens should feel safe when they leave their homes, go to a grocery store or a sporting event at their local school. Many point at the NRA, but mostly by those who do not understand the organization.

It should not surprise anyone that the people yelling the loudest are the least versed about the NRA. These individuals typically only encounter people with guns who are their security guards or policemen. They don’t really understand why anyone would want to own a gun. They have little curiosity to discover why someone would own a gun and less interest to attempt to empathize with those gun owners. They don’t even begin to grasp the concept of a person owning an AR-15. They think “AR” stands for assault rifle. It is for the company that developed the gun — Armalite rifle.

They think that the NRA is a nefarious organization bent on ruining the lives of Americans. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (city council) declared the… Read More

State Senator John Moorlach

California’s Dirty Baker’s Dozen: Veto-Worthy Policy Proposals that Shouldn’t Be Law

Publisher’s Note: Every year after the end of legislative session the FlashReport works with one or two legislators to publish a list of the worst of the bad bills passed by Senate and Assembly, and sent to the Governor for consideration. This last legislative session was, predictably, not a good one for those who embrace the ideas of liberty and freedom – and who embrace the concepts of individual liberty and individual responsibility. This year we are excited to again work with conservative State Senator John Moorlach as we present to you a Baker’s Dozen, or 13, of the worst pieces of legislation to make it to the Governor. As of publication he has already vetoed one, SB 1, and signed one, AB5. When he is done we will publish a recap of what did or did not become law from the list. — Flash

SB 1 (Atkins, Portantino & Stern) – California Doesn’t Care What Federal Environmental Law Says: This bill is a partisan missile thrown at the Trump Administration for clearing up a mess of convoluted and conflicting federal environmental laws made worse by a patchwork of presidential executive orders and Supreme Court rulings… Read More

Edward Ring

Local and State Initiatives – The Future of Policy in California?

Grassroots activists in California point to the initiative process as a potent and underutilized last resort, capable of ushering in sweeping reforms. They’re right, but the initiative process is equally available to California’s progressives, backed by powerful special interests. And while the activist reformers talk, the progressives act.

How else to explain the hundreds of local ballot initiatives that are marketed to voters in California’s cities and counties every time there’s an election, which in aggregate soak taxpayers for billions in new taxes every year? In November 2016, out of224 local tax proposals, voters approved over 70 percent, adding $2.9 billion in new taxes. In November 2018, out of259 local tax measures, voters approved another estimated $1.6 billion per year in new taxes.

The vast majority of these tax measures are sponsored by special interests who stand to gain from their passage. In fact, many if not most local tax… Read More

Richard Rider

UPDATED Sept 2019: California vs. the Other States — It’s Gotten Even Worse

Breaking Bad:California vs. the Other States

by Richard Rider – Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters

Version 3.15 Revised: 17 September, 2019

Email: Phone: 858-530-3027

Rider Blog:

Facebook public “blog” page:

Here’s a depressing but documented comparison of California taxes and economic climate with the rest of the states.The news is not good (at least once a month, IRead More

Frank Schubert

New Nonprofit Group Warns, “Don’t Californicate America”

For years California has been ground zero for the resistance to all things conservative, and to all things Trump. Because one-party rule always lacks accountability, California’s leadership, all Democrats, have pursued one extreme policy after another, conservatives and common sense be damned.

But as the country prepares for critical elections next year, a new nonprofit group has formed with hopes of leveraging The Resistance against itself. Reject The Resistance plans to actively engage voters in states outside of California, warning Americans not to follow the lead of California’s political leadership, urging voters “Don’t Californicate America.”

Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Only Greedy People Are Against Income Inequality

A constant topic these days seems to be that there is income inequality in our country. The questions are what is the motivation of the people regularly discussing this and why should you give a hoot about the subject?

Years back at a kid’s birthday party, one of our guests made a very negative comment about Bill Gates’ wealth. At the time he was the richest person in the world. I asked the person who brought up the subject “Has anyone been forced to buy Microsoft’s products? Hasn’t he had a competing platform (Apple)? Hasn’t his operating system bettered everyone’s life?” Of course there was no answer to those questions because the commentary against Gates was hollow.

Nearly all people who make vast sums improve the lives of others with their products and innovations. I find Jeff Bezos and the late Steve Jobs to be contemptible. Nevertheless, they both changed the world with the companies and concepts they created. Not one of us were forced to use the products, but we line up to do so.

It has been this way in our country for generations. Henry Ford was a disgusting anti-Semite. He also created a company that mass produced autos and employed… Read More

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