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Richard Rider

CA law allows sheriffs to issue far more “concealed carry” gun permits. Urban county sheriffs won’t do it.

Most Californians think that — unlike 40+ other states — CA state law all but forbids its citizens from legally packing heat in public. That’s not true, but the local issuing authorities (generally the county sheriffs) have wide discretion.

The CA state law says that for a CA citizen to receive a CCW (concealed carry) permit, the applicant must show thatGood cause exists for you to be authorized to carry a concealed weapon.” The definition of “good cause” is entirely up to the local sheriffs.

The results are pretty much what you’d expect in woke California. The RURAL CA sheriffs often issue CCW’s for “self defense,” with little or no additional reason required. It’s often relatively easy to legally carry a concealed firearm in these counties.

But in the urban and suburban areas of the state where the overwhelming majority of the people live, our progressive politicians and sheriffs have severely restricted the ability to get a CCW. Here’s a map that pretty much sums of the CCW… Read More

Katy Grimes

Former Congressional Candidate Elan Carr Running For LA Supervisor

Following an unsuccessful bid for Congress in November 2014, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Elan Carr is running for Los Angeles County Supervisor in the 5th District, in the November 2016 election.

When asked in an interview why he is running for Los Angeles County Supervisor, Carr said, “I have three young children. My job as a parent is to protect them, imbue them with good values, and then turn over running the state to them.”

“However, if we don’t make the right decisions now, we’ll be handing over to my kids a less safe, less prosperous state,” Carr added.… Read More

Mike Spence

My Political Career is Over and Other Morsels From L.A. County Elections.

On May 12, 2011, as a member of the West Covina Unified School District Board of Education I voted to terminate the contract of the Superintendent. As these things go it was a tumultuous affair. I left the meeting after the announcement hoping that the angry supporters of the Superintendent would just let me get to my car. On the way out a West Covina Planning Commissioner, resident of Rowland Unified School District and candidate for West Covina City Council HERB REDHOLTZ told me, “Your political career is over”. I quipped that maybe I would run for council. Of course I didn’t run for council, I sought re-election.

Fast forward to November 8, 2011 results.

The results for THREE seats in West Covina Unified



The results for TWO Seats on the West Covina City Council


Not gloating, I’m just… Read More

Mike Spence

No Tacos-No Peace: How Republicans Can Be Very Relevant in Sacramento.

Over the last couple weeks the usual tax and spend pundits questioned if Republicans were relevant in the recent budget debate. As usual they had the answer wrong. Not only were they relevant, they helped stimulate the economy.

Last week, my wife informed me that for a week in July, our family will be camping for a week a few miles from our home with other members of our church. We would sleep and eat at the camp site and people (like me) that needed to go to work could. Apparently pretending to be homeless for six days and five glorious nights in the summer heat near perfectly good showers, beds and air conditioning will bond us together spiritually. I am sure it will for the survivors. That said, I had orders to go get a new tent and an additional sleeping bag.

Knowing that Republicans had stood strong against Democrats trying to get a “bridge” tax increase extension, I waited until July 1. I bought the tent and sleeping bag and saved a total of $1.24 on the 1% reduction in sales tax that occurred at midnight June 30. In addition I bought the gear near work and not in Los Angeles County which saved me another $1.24 in sales tax. Los Angeles County is 1%… Read More