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Richard Rider

CA law allows sheriffs to issue far more “concealed carry” gun permits. Urban county sheriffs won’t do it.

Most Californians think that — unlike 40+ other states — CA state law all but forbids its citizens from legally packing heat in public.  That’s not true, but the local issuing authorities (generally the county sheriffs) have wide discretion.

The CA state law says that for a CA citizen to receive a CCW (concealed carry) permit, the applicant must show that Good cause exists for you to be authorized to carry a concealed weapon.”  The definition of “good cause” is entirely up to the local sheriffs.

The results are pretty much what you’d expect in woke California.  The RURAL CA sheriffs often issue CCW’s for “self defense,” with little or no additional reason required. It’s often relatively easy to legally carry a concealed firearm in these counties.

But in the urban and suburban areas of the state where the overwhelming majority of the people live, our progressive politicians and sheriffs have severely restricted the ability to get a CCW.  Here’s a map that pretty much sums of the CCW policy of each county:

Los Angeles County is worth looking at.  The head of the city of LA police officers labor union (himself a veteran cop) recently equated the dramatic increase in the city’s violence to “The Purge” popularized in recent “B” movies.  But instead of ONE night a year of condoned murder, rape, etc., LA is experiencing The Purge 365 days a year.  He warned tourists to avoid LA, as the police can’t protect them — thanks to the new state “no bail” policy that puts thugs back out on the street faster than the cops can arrest and book ’em.

In a belated response to this widespread mayhem, the Los Angeles County Sheriff grandly announced that he plans to increase the number of CCW permits issued so citizens can protect themselves.  But it’s largely posturing.

LA County has a population of 10,039,000. Only nine STATES have a larger population.

In the three years prior to the LA County Sheriff’s commitment to increase CCR permits, that sheriff’s department had issued an average of only TEN permits per month. The sheriff promises to issue “up to 400%” more permits monthly. That means a maximum of 50 CCW permits issued a month.  Big whoop.

Up to now, it seems to me that it’s likely that most such LA CCW permits have gone to people in one or more of these four groups:
1.  People who carry valuables in their line of work.
2.  Cronies of the Sheriff, or of the Sheriff’s friends.
3.  Politicians
4.  Political supporters of the Sheriff — especially larger donors.

I suspect we should now include Hollywood luminaries as top future CCW recipients. These liberal elitists recently got the wake up call that THEY are now considered fair game by the free-roaming armed city thugs.

Regardless of which county you live in California, the COST of obtaining a CCW permit seems to range between $200 and $300 for all costs, far higher than most states. Our state’s elite love such high costs, as it keeps the “little people” from defending themselves in public.  It’s good to be rich!

The cost of such a permit in almost all other states is far lower. Most state CCW permits are $50 or less. A few are ZERO.

Good luck to the average law-abiding citizen seeking an LA County CCW permit.  If you hate your CA DMV experiences, you’re gonna LOVE what happens when you enter yourself into the queue seeking an urban area CCW permit.  You’ll probably die of old age before your permit is finally issued.

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