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BOE Member George Runner

Governor Should Veto Fantasy Budget

Rather than deal with reality, the Legislature has once again sent a fantasy budget to the Governor.

This fantasy budget foolishly assumes overtaxed Californians will vote this November to send even more of their hard-earned dollars to Sacramento.

When voters approved Proposition 25, they didn’t anticipate it would allow one party to make all major budget decisions in secret. Not only were Republicans shut out of the process, but so was the public.

Rather than make real reforms to increase private sector paychecks, this budget plan relies on taxes, borrowing and gimmicks to keep legislators’ paychecks flowing.

The Governor should veto this budget, scrap his proposed $50 billion tax hike and propose a new plan that requires government to live within its means.… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Democrat Budget A Sham to Keep Legislators’ Paychecks Flowing

Make no mistake, the Democrats’ budget isn’t about solving California’s fiscal problems—it’s only goal is to ensure lawmakers keep their paychecks flowing.

When voters last fall granted Democrats their wish of majority-vote budgets, they demanded lawmakers forfeit their pay if those budgets are not approved on-time. But it was never the voters’ intention for lawmakers to approve a sham budget simply to keep their paychecks coming.

What’s worse is that to protect their own pay, Democrats are poised to sacrifice the paychecks of thousands of California small businesses known as affiliates. Up to 25,000 of these Internet entrepreneurs will lose their affiliate status if Democrats approve a so-called ‘Amazon tax.’ According to the Board of Equalization’s analysis, ‘termination of affiliate programs would have an adverse impact on state employment’ and ‘lead to lower revenues.’

The dumbest idea of all is the Democrats’ plan to sell state buildings for one-time revenue. If lawmakers want real one-time dollars, they should consider my proposals to raise billions in revenue by (1) granting an interest and penalty holiday to spur… Read More