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BOE Member George Runner

My Response to the Governor’s State of the State

I share the governor’s optimism when it comes to California’s future. Our state has a diverse economy, a strong commitment to education and more than enough revenue to fully fund roads, schools and water storage without raising taxes.

As the governor himself warns, we must continue to exercise fiscal prudence. The true test of his leadership will be whether he can hold the line on spending against the tax-and-spend liberal legislators of his own party.

Instead of raising taxes, our focus should be on providing greater value for Californians by improving quality of life and by seeking solutions that make this state a more affordable place to live and work.… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Governor Releases May Revise

Today Governor Jerry Brown released his revised budget proposal. He’s right to recognize that much of the money currently pouring into Sacramento is one-time dollars. Whether the Legislature will show similar spending restraint is an open question.

One thing is clear: given the current revenue windfall, tax increases are off the table. Instead of proposing tax hikes, the Legislature should spend its time ensuring taxpayers receive value for their money.

There’s no question government is doing well. We now need to make sure the people who fund government with their hard-earned dollars have a chance to prosper too.… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Response to Budget Passage

Legislators can congratulate themselves on approving an on-time budget. Although this budget contains large spending increases, thankfully it does not raise taxes.

What’s missing is the broad-based tax relief we need to spur jobs and stimulate growth across our entire economy.

In addition, the Legislature missed yet another opportunity to defund the bullet train and eliminate the fire tax.

The Governor should wield his veto pen aggressively to trim wasteful spending. We can and should do more to pay down debt and bolster our rainy day fund.… Read More