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Mike Spence

David Dreier Dodges A Bullet In House Vote

A Los Angeles Times editorial laments the the passing over of David Dreier as the Republicans replacement for Tom Delay. (…)

Of course it blames conservatives for opposing him because of his votes to federally fund experimentation on human embryos, his opposition to a constitutional ammendment to stop homosexual marriages and of course his views on immigration. While other accounts verify this, they fail to mention the most important point. This was good news for Dreier.

The 2004 elections saw his vote totals plumment as attacks on his record concerning illegal immigration by LA Radio Hosts John and Ken became more widely known.

The Majority Leader position would of made him a bigger target for those trying to recruit a credible candidate to run in the GOP Primary. Most of the focus is still on John March, the father of Deputy March, killed by an illegal alien.

The lower profile the better. Conservatives did Dreier a big favor.