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Jon Fleischman

Union Thugs At It Again

Today in the Los Angeles Times is a ‘must read’ story that talks about how, in their battle to stop Proposition 75, "Paycheck Protection," unions how now resorted to threatening companies if they contribute towards the passage of the measure.  This is thuggery at its worst.  But, the public employee unions have everything on the line here.  Remember that the CTA even mortgaged its headquarters to pay for their political push to defeat this measure.  Why?  You need only look to the union membership.  Exit polls showed that in the 1993 recall election, around 40% of union members actually voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tom McClintock.  Yet, if you look at public employee union political spending, 100% (yes, that would be ALL) went to defend Gray Davis.  It is really about a small group of union leaders that are totally out of touch with their members.  The do not want to empower the individual employees, for fear that if they continue to be myopic in their spending habits, that their members will simply stop giving a portion of their income to them!

There is a link today to columnist Bob Novak’s weekly ‘political grab-bag’ column, which has two California items in it.  One about David Dreier.  Strange how this Congressman with such sterling conservative credentials on paper is NOT adored by conservatives in the House.  It is important to remember that he is the Chairman of the Rules Committee.  This obscure-to-the-public committee sets all of the ‘rules of engagement’ for the House floor, including what will be voted on, and when.  So as a part of the House leadership, he often times is running point against conservative ideologues.  Guess you pay a price…  The other item is on McCain’s support for Paycheck Protection, fair Redistricting, and more…

Today’s Golden Pen Award goes to John Fund of the Wall Street Journal.  History may show that if the GOP catches itself, realizes that it is lording over a major increase in federal spending, and reverses courese, that it was the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal that made a difference.  This is a MUST READ column.

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Enjoy today’s inaugural online edition of the FlashReport!