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Jon Fleischman

Whalen’s Golden Pen!

FlashReport Weblog’s Bay Area Correspondent has a great column in today’s Weekly Standard.  It begins:

The Governator V
Arnold Schwarzenegger goes to the people in his most exciting sequel yet!
by Bill Whalen – Weekly Standard
10/07/2005 12:00:00 AM

IF THERE IS A CONSTANT in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s overlapping careers as film and political star, it would be his ability to choose the right foil to play the bad guy.

On the big screen, Schwarzenegger battled–and could always be counted on defeating–a steady supply of terrorists, thugs, and cyborgs. On the campaign trail, the Governator has proven as deft at role-playing, easily besting Indian gaming tribes and liberals who wanted to soften California’s "Three Strikes law," not to mention former Gov. Gray Davis and the Democratic-controlled state legislature, whose combined ineptness opened the door to Arnold’s recall run back in October 2003.

But that was then and this is now.

With only a month to spare before the November 8 special election in California, Schwarzenegger for once finds himself on the short end of a casting call. What began as a showdown with the legislature over policy impasses–education, budget, and redistricting reform–instead morphed into an all-out character assault on the Governator by liberal unions whose purse-strings control California’s legislators.

Read the rest of it right here.