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The Thin Blue Line Lets Us Down Again


Fresno Police Officers Association President Jacky Parks, purportedly a Republican, is taking Fresno Mayor Alan Autry to task for having the audacity to support Proposition 76, the Live Within Our Means Act, on the ballot next month as part of Governor Arnold’s reform package. As the Bee’s John Ellis reported Saturday, here, Fresno’s public safety unions are threatening to sever ties with the city in ongoing labor relationships if the Mayor continues to support the Governor’s agenda. Frankly, I say let ’em walk out. I am continually disgusted with public safety siding with the idiotic majority in Sacramento. Further, I think its time for Republican legislators to stand up the cops and fireman and push back a little. Over time, Republicans have been THE law and order and public safety Party. We appoint tough judges, stand for strict sentencing laws and were the driving force behind the Three Strikes initiative. In return, cops and firemen want to destroy the Governor that singularly kept this State from a fiscal meltdown, reformed the Workers’ Compensation system, upgraded our bond rating, and vetoed hundreds of moronic bills drafted by Democrat incompetents. To Fresno Mayor Alan Autry: stick to your guns. Stand up to this strong armed political initimidation. Once again, the thin blue line is letting the people of Fresno and the citizens of California down by pursuing a selfish agenda. If they succeed, all Californians will be less safe, and the meltdown will begin all over again.