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Schwarzenegger recall — yeah, right

I’m not a big one to spend my time worrying about media bias. It’s sort of like complaining about the referees. What good does whining do? Better to just go out and win the game…

That said, I’m about to violate my own rule. Yesterday’s New York Times ran a silly story about a doctor in Berkeley who wants to recall Schwarzenegger. He’s taken out the necessary papers and predicts that he’ll gather the million signatures with grassroots volunteers. (Ask Darryl Issa how far that approach gets you…) The Times does note in the sixteenth paragraph that thirty-two previous recalls have been attempted, with none other than the most recent one even coming close to qualifying. They don’t talk to Art Torres, the state Democratic Party chairman, who’s told other reporters that there’s no money to be raised to pay for another recall. But the Times does get to run a headline with the words "Schwarzenegger" and "recall" in it, even if the chances of Arnold being recalled are about the same as me being nominated to replace Harriet Miers.

Is this the liberal media chortling about a Republican in trouble? Maybe, but more likely, it’s just another example of a self-absorbed East Coast news outlet that decided that a fun story was more important than a relevant one. A doctor in Berkeley doesn’t like Arnold? Hard to imagine…

Unless Steve Bing or Rob Reiner get bored and start writing checks, this should be the last you hear about it.