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Jon Fleischman

Profound Disappointment

I am profoundly disappointed at the announcement made today by Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is opposed to Proposition 90, the Save Our Homes Initiative. All of those I know who have been supporting and working hard on the Governor’s reelection are strongly supporting 90. I’m sure they will all be equally dismayed. Some things just make you go, “Huh?”

That’s all I will say for now… As someone said (my mom?), if you don’t have something nice to say…

10 Responses to “Profound Disappointment”

  1. Says:

    Of course Arnold opposes Prop 90.

    Protecting citizens private property from government confiscation is a Republican princple.

    How can the “Party Leader” oppose one of the issues the party already endorsed.

  2. Says:

    Your Mom is not running a political website.

  3. Says:

    Daniel, stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Prop 90 is a no brainer for Republicans.

  4. Says:

    Two words….secret ballot. I’m just wondering Jon why you are so shocked at Arnold’s position on Prop 90? Did you actually believe he might stand on the side of property rights when he has given away the store already this year? This is just the latest insult.

  5. Says:

    Oh come on guys cut the Governor some slack. We don’t need to fight like this 7 days before an election.

  6. Says:

    Karen, I took Dan’s comment to mean: “Jon, tell us how you REALLY feel!”

    Allen (Wilson), I don’t think my comments were combative – just expressing my sorrow.

    Though I am winding up on this, and so I’d best sign off before I earn your rebuke!

  7. Says:

    If it makes y’all feel any better, Arnold scored just a 50 percent from the Conservation Voters of California today on their new enviro scorecard. But heck, that’s 44 percent better than legislative Republicans!

  8. Says:

    Thanks Arnold. Another reason I am so enthusiastically voting for you…

  9. Says:

    If I was wrong about Dan’s comments I am sorry.

  10. Says:

    Karen, I have known Jon for many years and his reply demonstrates he clearly understood my remark. His now more measured response to the Governor’s moderate position is telling, practical and noted.

    For the record, I am a big supporter of property rights, having consulted for Pacific Lumber during their takings battle over the Headwaters Forest. Your inference from my cryptic post was wrong, but not mean spirited.

    Thank you for your apology but it was not required. Politics is a contact sport much like ice hockey. Done best, there are occasional solid hits that are integral to winning the game. If you can’t take a clean check into the boards, stay in the stands and enjoy the adult beverages.