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Mindy Fletcher

Republicans To Make History with Palin Pick

Today, Senator John McCain has chosen a Governor, a fellow maverick, a mother, and the first woman to ever be a part of the Republican presidential ticket.  After watching Senator Barack Obama last week make what I thought was a weak, defensive and underwhelming choice of Senator Biden as his running mate, I am thrilled that McCain used this opportunity to seek out someone who can turn the election on its head.

Governor Sarah Palin has chief executive experience – something frankly no one else on the ticket on either side can boast, but is greatly needed in the White House.  And I know there will be lots of talk about experience during this election cycle, especially with Obama’s lack of it.  But with Sarah Palin, she brings another kind of experience that is found nowhere else on the ticket.  She is a mother of five.  As a new mother of one, I am blown away by her resiliency and her efforts at doing it all. 

Also intriguing is the perspective she might bring as a union member, the mother of a serviceman who is headed to Iraq, a former member of the PTA, and the mother a special needs child.

In addition, her appeal in the west (which includes several important target states) cannot be overlooked.  Her tough-minded spirit and her embodiment of the spirit of the west will not be lost on these voters.    

When it comes to the issues that will dominate in this election, energy, the economy and the war against terrorism, she ideally suited and has the right experience – both professional and personal – to offer relevant solutions and be a confident and effective messenger for the ticket.

As I watched her take the stage, during the week when we celebrate the anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, I was moved and a bit choked up.  I have long worked to get women more involved in politics on the Republican side I am elated with this opportunity for our party.  I have been fielding e-mails and calls all morning from Republican women who are reinvigorated to get involved in this election and ready to work for victory.  And I believe this excitement will spill over to independent and Democrat women who will like the idea that someone who they can relate to is in the White House. 

So if you look at strategy, experience, the political map, the issues and heart – this is an excellent pick!

2 Responses to “Republicans To Make History with Palin Pick”

  1. Says:

    McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin is both inspired and inspiring. MaCain-Palin is the winning ticket.

  2. Says:

    The only way I could be more happy is if it was the Palin-McCain ticket.