Jon Fleischman

State GOP Commends Legislators On No Taxes Budget — Urges Governor To Oppose Taxes

After patiently and, frankly, quietly watching our Republican Governor propose and support massive tax increases (after he campaigned vehemently against them), the California Republican Party Board of Directors has finally put down its foot — we voted overwhelmingly to both praise our legislators for holding the line on taxes, and we also urged the Governor to change his tune, and oppose tax increases going forward.

The resolution is below. I should add that there was a motion in our meeting to amend out the language referencing the Governor. After debate, the Board overwhelmingly voted to retain the language.

As Vice Chairman, South, of the CRP, I was very proud to be a Board Member this afternoon…

Here is what was passed:

California Republican PartyBoard of Directors

Whereas the People of the State of California are among the most heavily taxed citizens in the United States; and, 
Whereas The California Republican Party is the party of balanced budgets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility; and, 
Whereas we believe that taxes in California are too high, and that state government spends too much; and,  
Whereas we stand for the wise stewardship and responsible use of the people’s money; and,   Whereas we support the efforts of our Republican legislators to have California’s government live within its means; and,
Whereas we call upon our government officials to join a pledge to stand together against any new taxes; and,  
Whereas Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin have committed that they will not raise taxes as part of their Presidential campaign; and, 
Whereas the members of the Republican Caucus in both the State Senate and State Assembly stood against increasing taxes as proposed in the recent budget standoff;
Therefore be it Resolved by the Board of Directors of the California Republican Party in Anaheim, California on September 26, 2008, that we commend our Republican Legislators for refusing to raise taxes and standing against the growth of government and we encourage Governor Schwarzenegger to stand with our Republican Legislators in the future and join their fight against raising taxes and the growth of state government.

Authored by CRP Sec’y Steve Baric.  Passed poverwhelmingly today!