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Matthew J. Cunningham

So-Called “Blue Dog” Democrat Loretta Sanchez Casts Deciding Vote To Cut-Off Gitmo Funding

For years, Rep. Loretta Sanchez has fooled too many people into thinking she’s some kind of conservative "Blue Dog" Democrat, even as she amasses a reliably left-wing voting record.

Sanchez punctured that myth yet again today, casting the deciding vote to cut off funding for Guantanamo and going along with the new, dainty, squeamish sensibility of the Age of Obama that will somehow win the War of Terror (that is, if we still called it that).

But Sanchez first voted against cutting off funding. Then the hammer of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came down hard of Loretta, who 10 minutes later changed her vote.

Spineless, on top of being plain wrong. What a combo.

Plus, Loretta hands yet another issue to GOP Assemblyman Van Tran, prepping a run to take out Loretta in 2010.

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