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Dan Schnur

Antonio takes a pass?

The Politico is reporting that Antonio Villaraigosa will announce on CNN this afternoon whether or not he’s going to run for governor next year. Since politicians announcing that they are running for office tend to do news conferences and rallies with balloons and banners (oh, and supporters), the cable television option suggests that Antonio sees the poll numbers on the wall and is going to sit this one out.

That’s good news for Jerry Brown, as Villaraigosa’s base of labor and Latinos is more likely to head toward Brown than Gavin Newsom. But it opens the door even further for another Democratic candidate (Loretta Sanchez is probably already on the phone to her pollster.

And if Brown is the nominee, here’s hoping that Whitman/Poizner/Campbell realizes that running against Governor Moonbeam, Rose Bird, and the 1970’s is a dated playbook that could use some refreshing. Hint: anyone been to Oakland recently?

One Response to “Antonio takes a pass?”

  1. Says:

    You better pray Jerry Brown is your next Governor….the other candidates from both parties will sell you out in a heart beat…Moonbeam will never build a road, will still be interested in off beat issues like Black Helicopters and spraying stuff, but the guy is weathered and knows we live in an era of economic limitations while the other candidates embrace fairy tales.