Carl Fogliani

ACORN-McNerney Loses a Wingman going into Tough Election Fight

I have been watching with delight the true patriots who have exposed ACORN for the criminal enterprise they are.  After watching their pimping operation and corruption on video, I went back into the archives for the attack piece that ACORN had it’s "community activists" from Oakland hand out door to door against Richard Pombo when their brothels had some down time.

In this piece they not only specifically call for voting against Richard Pombo but call Richard Pombo Un-American, corrupt and immoral. 

The most fun was watching Jerry McNerney throw his buddies under the bus today by having to cast a vote against their funding…looks like the ACORN office is one less place Jerry can hide out in to get away from his constituents who want him to publicly explain his vote in favor of the government takeover of healthcare.  What was even better was watching Pelosi get all choked up knowing her legion of derelicts just went what those of us in the real world might call Chapter 11.