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Jon Fleischman

Six Lucky Doctors Get Tax Dollars As Government Picks Winners

Once again government is picking winners and losers.  In this case, I get to look no further than the Orange County Children and Families Commission (the local "First Five" Commission, which is financed through a mandated tobacco tax — there is a statewide commission, and then 58 county commissions, all happily redistributing wealth). 

In yesterday’s Orange County Register there was a story that the OC First Five Commission is going to be dropping $125k in medical school loan forgiveness for six lucky government-chosen doctors.  Specifically, for six pediatric specialists who meet the following criteria: The doctors must practice in Orange County and accept patients enrolled in Medi-Cal and Healthy Families, the state’s low-cost insurance program.

It has been well documented that California has a tough time attracting new doctors because of the high cost of living here, combined with the high costs of malpractice insurance (this is one of the most litigious states in the union, thanks to the domination of the California trial lawyers bar in Sacramento). 

So government here in California enacts laws and regulations that make it hard for doctors to come here to practice — BUT (a big BUT), then we provide subsidies for certain doctors that are willing to practice certain kinds of medicine for certain kinds of patients.

Government again picks winners and losers.

Doesn’t sound very American, does it?  I guess I don’t blame the First Five Commission folks for doing what they can with this pot of OPM (Other People’s Money) that is annually dumped in their laps, but we need to lower taxes (including tobacco taxes) and regulations and allow all those who want to practice medicine an equal opportunity to come to the Golden State, not give government enticements to a few.

One Response to “Six Lucky Doctors Get Tax Dollars As Government Picks Winners”

  1. Says:

    This is only the start…..your health care appointments and screenings may include analysis of your productivity /longevity ratio, possibly religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or perceived political leanings, what proposition you voted for or donated to……..your participation in the GREEN REVOLUTION…..or your signing of a euthansia card, so your not a burden on society in old age…

    Wake up Flash Report Junkies….when GOVERNMENT wanted ACORN to come to your house to ask sensitive/confidential CENSUS questions…when your elected leaders turned off the water to the growers and miniority farm workers in the Central Valley stunting growth of food stuffs for our fellow citizens…..anything is possible with GOVERNMENT….ANYTHING!