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Barry Jantz

Your 31 Days Out Campaign Advice

You candidates who proudly commit to not raising any money (and that you will be running a purely grassroots campaign), because you don’t want to be beholden to anyone once elected…watch closely, it will be over for you when the clock strikes 8:01 p.m. on November 2. 

Actually, it’s probably over for you now.

2 Responses to “Your 31 Days Out Campaign Advice”

  1. Says:

    Barry….embrace citizen politicans…they are your neighbors, they may even shine your shoes…

  2. Says:

    Thanks, Robert. Actually, I said nothing about citizen politicians. I do embrace them indeed. I’ve seen a number of them that have been able to engage and inspire their fellow citizens so as to be able to raise money from the same citizens without being beholden to anyone. A politician that has the support of the citizenry can absolutely raise funds and keep their integrity.

    All too often, an inability or a lack of wherewithal to raise money is a sign of a lack of support. Sometimes, that is spun as “I commit to not asking for any dollars, yadda, yadda.” Very noble … then they lose in the vast majority of cases. They may not get elected, but at least they can still say they were noble.