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Senator Tony Strickland

Tony Receives the Endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney

Over the last seven months since I announced my candidacy for State Controller, I have been profoundly blessed to have the support of thousands of Californians from across the state who realize we need a complete reinvention of Sacramento. We will continue to deliver no-nonsense solutions to the excessive bureaucracy that has plagued our state and resulted in billions of dollars of government waste. I am honored to have the support of Governor Romney as we fight to bring these changes to Sacramento on November 2nd.


Governor Romney said: “Tony Strickland is the kind of leader who can help get California back on track. State government is too big and bloated and far too expensive to be sustainable. Leaders like Tony Strickland are what we need to cut the waste and restore fiscal sanity. I am proud to support Tony Strickland as the next Controller of the State of California.”


We have only three weeks until Election Day.  You can endorse my campaign too and be a part of the solution for Sacramento.  


          Tony Strickland

One Response to “Tony Receives the Endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney”

  1. Says:

    By chance is this the Mitt Romney that created the preform for Obamacare in Mass. when he was the RINO governor?

    Hardly a ringing endorsement by any means….