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Jon Fleischman

Thursday Random Thoughts

Republicans are poised to pick up three U.S. House seats in California, which is a big deal since with our highly partisan gerrymandering, it is rare to see a party-flip in a single seat. This portends well for Carly Fiorina, if federal races in California are being caught up in this national sweep for the GOP. The next big “scandal” to rock California politics will be public awareness and repudiation of local part-time elected officials (city councils, school boards, water boards) who are cashing in on full-time employee benefits (Cadillac healthcare benefits or big cash payments to opt out of it, retirement benefits, and the like). In Assembly District 5, the California Medical Association is pumping big bucks into electing a liberal Democrat Doctor into what has been a long-time GOP seat. Apparently the priorities of the CMA are raising taxes, and increasing burdensome government regulation. Everyone has become obsessed with public opinion polling, trying to figure out who is going to win for an office based on each latest survey. I would remind you that the results of a survey are only as good as a … Read More

Senator Tony Strickland

Now John Chiang Wants to Discuss Placement Agents – When It’s Politically Convenient – Six Days Before Election Day

Here’s our press release from earlier today…We won’t let John Chiang hide from his record.

Thousand Oaks, CA – Today, John Chiang finally decided, six days before the election, to address the issue of placement agents at CalPERS under his watch on the Board of Administration. Those same placement agents have mired CalPERS in a never-ending bribery scandal. While John Chiang sat on the board of CalPERS, millions of dollars were paid to placement agents who acted as middlemen while the pension fund was driven into the ground. John Chiang allowed these middlemen to reap all the benefit while working Californians suffered.

“John Chiang’s people are on full spin over this,” said Strickland spokesman Michael Levoff. “Controller Chiang was in the room while millions of dollars traded hands, but didn’t think anything of it until the Wall Street Journal blew the cover off of the placement agent issue. They want to talk about a bill to clean up the mess, but before it was public, Chiang never said aRead More

Meredith Turney

National Taxpayers Union Foundation Rates Fiorina and Boxer’s Campaign Pledges

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation has just released a study that evaluates the respective campaign platforms of senate candidates Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer. Unsurprisingly, they found Carly’s campaign promises will be much better for taxpayers. “According to a line-by-line analysis from the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF), Boxer’s campaign platform, taken in its entirety, would increase annual federal spending by nearly $16 billion annually, while the agenda Fiorina outlined would reduce the federal budget by nearly $155 billion per year.” The study is broken down by candidate and each of their campaign promises, and has extensive citations. As the press release announcing the study states, it’s hard for voters to know the exact impact of candidate proposals regarding taxes and spending. Are the campaign promises evenRead More

James V. Lacy

Meg: charge Carla Marinucci DOUBLE to travel with you!

Carla Marinucci complains in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Whitman campaign is charging reporters $2,000 to travel with the candidate. Heck, if that is the cost, Meg ought to charge Marinucci twice as much, $4,000, for the privilege. This is justified, firstly, by the fact that campaigns exist to reach out to voters, not Jerry Brown-flunky newspaper writers. (Notice I said “newspaper writers”. To be called a journalist one needs to have demonstrated ethical standards, well published by the Columbia University School of Journalism.) Traveling news media are a drag and a distraction on a candidate’s ability to communicate directly with voters in the final days of an election. They should pay their own freight, and not look to the people who make the political contributions to support them, instead, let the news media’s advertisers do that! Secondly, Marinucci should be charged extra to make up for printing all the garbage Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford, “The Liar” has spoon feed her. Now that would be fair!… Read More

Jon Coupal

HJTA to L.A.U.S.D. And L.A. Board of Education: “Barbara Boxer asked LAUSD to violate the law!”

Read More

James V. Lacy

Harkey Halloween

My worst nightmare is Assemblywoman Diane Harkey knocking on my door next week. That would be very scary. My second worst nightmare is Jerry Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford, “The Liar,” knocking on my door. My German Shepherd would go into attack mode. I am glad, though, that I live in an Orange County gated community.… Read More

Barry Jantz

Your Seven Days Out Campaign Advice

I know, I’ve provided input on this issue before, yet it never ceases to amaze me, even with a week to go, how much time is spent on campaign signage. A lot of candidates could be — at one week out — raising dollars to get one last mail piece in the hands of actual voters next weekend, yet they’d rather spend time making sure all their defaced and stolen signs have been replaced.

But, just to prove I am open to another side of this issue, here’s an amazing story out of Indiana about how a campaign sign truly looks like it is impacting the outcome of a race…

Yard Sign With Candidate’s Name On It Electrifies Congressional Race


All of Barry’s enlightening advice…and other posts._… Read More

Jon Fleischman

WSJ’s Allysia Finley: A (CA) State Senate Race That Really Matters…

From today’s Wall Street Journal Political Diary E-mail… … Read More

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