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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Central Valley Is Ground Zero Tomorrow

We’ve been hearing all about the Harmer – McNerney race all year long, as very quietly, with a major assist from a Lincoln Club expose on Congressman Jim Costa’s left wing voter record, CD 20 challenger Andy Vidak, despite a 20 point voter registration advantage, has made his race one of the top upset districts in the country.  Real Clear Politics now has CD 20 in the lean Republican column for the first time, as Hispanic voter turnout is expected to be lower than usual, and higher than usual for the Republican challenger. 

Also in the Fresno area, our race for Country Supervisor featuring Lincoln Club backed Phil Larson against left wing, SEIU backed Cynthia Sterling is proving to be the most expensive Supervisor race in County history, with SEIU pouring in over $1.5 million to defeat Larson and shift the board from fiscally conservatiive to wholly owned by the unions.  This is probably the most important election in our area Tuesday, and the Fresno Bee has weighed in today on how Sterling is completely owned by SEIU.  

The Supervisor race will determine whether the County moves forward with solid fiscal management, or goes bankrupt.

One Response to “Central Valley Is Ground Zero Tomorrow”

  1. Says:

    The Central Valley is my hope for Fiorini and Whitman as well. Because of the Democrats’ contemptuous handling of the water issue, I expect a significantly higher turnout in the C.V. as well as a substantial Democratic crossover vote.