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Jon Fleischman

Are State Democrats Preparing To “Out Smart” the State GOP?

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times “Politi-Cal” politics blog carried a story by ace reporter Seema Mehta talking about how, at their convention this weekend, California Democrats are looking at changing their rules so that local caucuses of Democrat leaders can gather and endorse candidates for Congress and the State Legislature. Thanks to the “reforms” given to us with the passage of Proposition 14, political parties can no longer use the June election as a mechanism for their registered party members to hold a primary.

At the State GOP convention last month a coalition made up primarily of federal and state legislative leaders passed a plan that takes a much different course than the Democrats. Under the GOP’s new rules, it is a very restrictive process for the party to support a candidate before the June election (it takes a 2/3rds vote of every County Central Committee that overlaps a part of a district and then a 2/3rds vote of the State Party Board of Directors —trust me, very… Read More

James V. Lacy

“Chimp” email plays to liberal marginalization of CA GOP. Davenport must go.

I first would would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover!

Criticizing Barack Hussein Obama is fair game. And there is plenty to criticize. I should know – Obama stuck me by name on his website’s famous enemies list – “Fight the Smears” – during the 2008 Presidential campaign, because of the website and PAC that I lawyer and co-manage at He didn’t like our questions about his health care plan, his associations with radicals and a former communist, our criticism of his buddy and preacher Jeremiah Wright, and much more.

I didn’t like the publicity of getting on Obama’s enemies list, and its aftermath, which have included Jerry Brown’s campaign smearing me for being a “birther.” But I probably earned it, whether I am or not by just publishing questions that Obama would just as soon not have wanted magnified, including raising questions about his birth certificate, the same questions now being trumpeted by Donald Trump.

So, speaking as a professional Obama watcher and anointed enemy of the President, I think I can speak with some… Read More

Jon Fleischman

FR Interviews Club for Growth President Chris Chocola

Earlier this week, former U.S. Representative Chris Chocola, President of the Club for Growth, made a visit to California. I caught up to Chocola at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where he appeared at an event for GenNext, an organization to which I belong. Before the event, I was able to arrange for some time to interview Chocola about the Club and what they are up to.

For those who are not familiar with the Club for Growth, they are an organization that is laser-focused on issues of economic liberty and free markets. Rather than get into more detail, I invite you to relax, and enjoy this interview that takes about ten minutes to watch…

Read More

Jon Fleischman

WSJ’s Allysia Finley: Jerry Brown’s Reckless Labor Deal

From today’s Wall Street Journal Political Diary Email…

Jerry Brown’s Reckless Labor Deal

Before leaving office last year, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California negotiated new contracts and pension reforms with six state unions. The prison guards were the only major union to hold out, figuring that they could get a better deal once Democrat Jerry Brown assumed the governorship. They were right.

The new contract that Mr. Brown and the guards have negotiated uncaps the number of vacation days that officers can cash in upon retirement, which is 80 for most state unions. Since officers get eight weeks of time off each year, many prison guards have racked up hundreds of unused vacation days. Officers receive so many days off, the Brown administration says, that they “can’t avoid exceeding the vacation cap.” That, in short, is Mr. Brown’s justificationRead More

Jon Fleischman

Where’s The Blimp?

Look! In the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a blimp funded by elitist and hypocritical liberals protesting conservative philanthropists Charles and David Koch.

At least that was the scene a few months ago in Palm Desert when liberal groups like Common Cause protested outside a private meeting held by the Koch brothers. In true liberal style, AstroTurf demonstrators were bused in from all over the state to protest. To show how serious they were, they even brought out a blimp—the big guns.

So what egregious crime against liberalism had the Koch brothers committed? Simple. They had the audacity to exercise their First Amendment right to participate in the political process.

Liberal groups like Common Cause love to wrap themselves in a cloak of constitutional protections to attack the constitutionally protected rights of those who with whom they don’t agree. But their hypocrisy goes beyond their unequal application of constitutional rights.

Common Cause and other liberal groups associated with the event are funded by the likes of George Soros and other wealthy benefactors. Yet Common Cause’s entire beef with the… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Do Lockyer and Steinberg Want A State Capitol Full Of Republican Martyrs?

I am thinking that maturity was checked at the door when Treasurer Bill Lockyer and Senate Republican Leader Darrell Steinberg came into the office this week. I “get it” that they are very unhappy, as liberals, that state revenues are down to such an extreme that without tax increases it means that there will be a significant reduction in state services. To rabid lefties like Lockyer and Steinberg, this must be almost heretical given their almost religious adoration of the modern welfare state. The idea of any kind of stalling, let alone a reversing of course of progressive programs that redistribute wealth from some Californians to provide it to others must make them ill in the pits of their stomachs (the beneficiaries of this government-funded generosity are chosen, of course, by liberal politicians who love to spend OPM – other people’s money). I get that, and I sympathize. As a conservative ideologue, I get the same feeling when the size and scope of state government grows.

It is a fair and legitimate position for conservatives in the legislature, who were not elected as liberals, to not want to participate in increasing taxes in… Read More

Meredith Turney

Steinberg Declares Civil War

I kid you not. In an interview today, the President Pro Tem of the California State Senate announced that he’s willing to target budget cuts to GOP districts. In other words, he’s willing to hold hostage the citizens in these districts because their fiscally-responsible representatives aren’t willing to finance the irresponsible spending of the majority party.

Since Democrats are more than willing to keep raising taxes until there is literally nothing left in California, their constituents will continue to receive services. Ironic how those who are willing to frivolously spend money are the ones holding the purse strings, taking money from the productive members of society. Steinberg seems to believe that by targeting the budget cuts, citizens in the GOP districts won’t be educated enough to understand why services were cut (used as a pawn to raise taxes on everyone), only that their services were cut and their ire will be directed towards their own representative.

Steinberg went on to say, “You don’t want to pay for government, well then, you get less of it.”… Read More

Jon Fleischman

California Republican Assembly – Can It Come Together?

The California Republican Assembly is an institution in the State of California. Venerable and influential, the CRA in recent decades has been the “conscience of the Republican Party” — or as some would say, the “Republican wing of the Republican Party.” Conservative to its core, the organization of which I proudly served as State President from 1995 – 1997 is in the midst of internal strife, which came to a very public head at its recent state convention in Sacramento.

While I was not at the convention, I thought that FlashReport readers would enjoy hearing about how that event went — from two decidedly different perspectives. On one side, you have Tom Hudson, a CRA Vice Prsident who supported Celeste Greig’s successful bid for a full two-year term as CRA President. On the other side you have Maria England, longtime CRA activist who was part of the team behind the unsuccessful bid of Karen England (no relation) for CRA President.

While yours truly endorsed Celeste Greig early I, to be honest I am still in a “fact finding” mode before I lay out my analysis of what went right, and what went wrong… Read More

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