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Jon Fleischman

Where’s The Blimp?

Look!  In the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No, it’s a blimp funded by elitist and hypocritical liberals protesting conservative philanthropists Charles and David Koch.

At least that was the scene a few months ago in Palm Desert when liberal groups like Common Cause protested outside a private meeting held by the Koch brothers.  In true liberal style, AstroTurf demonstrators were bused in from all over the state to protest.  To show how serious they were, they even brought out a blimp—the big guns.

So what egregious crime against liberalism had the Koch brothers committed? Simple.  They had the audacity to exercise their First Amendment right to participate in the political process.

Liberal groups like Common Cause love to wrap themselves in a cloak of constitutional protections to attack the constitutionally protected rights of those who with whom they don’t agree.  But their hypocrisy goes beyond their unequal application of constitutional rights.

Common Cause and other liberal groups associated with the event are funded by the likes of George Soros and other wealthy benefactors.  Yet Common Cause’s entire beef with the Koch’s is their political contributions.

And yet, just a few weeks ago, Soros’ political adviser and a handful of wealthy liberal donors convened a nearly identical meeting here in Orange County, at the exclusive oceanfront Montage Resort in Laguna Beach.  After all, Obama has set high fundraising goals, and these wealthy donors are going to need to pony up some major money.

I was shocked and disappointed to see that Common Cause did not dust off their blimp, corral their “activists” on a bus and head to the Montage in Laguna Beach to continue their crusade against money in politics.  Oh wait.  Common Cause is funded by the very people at this meeting scheming how to raise tens of millions of dollars for 2012.

Silly me.  I forgot that it’s only conservatives who are vilified if they choose to participate in the political process.

According to Soros and his ilk at Common Cause, political donations made to liberals are considered philanthropy, but donations made by conservatives are “corporate greed.”

In fact, Justin Ruben, the Executive Director of, during a recent interview with MSNBC said that his organization is entirely funded by small donations.  I guess he forgot that Mr. Soros has given millions of dollars to

It goes beyond just hypocrisy.  The Left will even misrepresent publicly available facts to support their claims.

I’ve written before about the ongoing public efforts by the Left to demonize the Koch brothers. And I’ve written about the obvious hypocrisy of Common Cause’s AstroTurf efforts against the First Amendment. But this new chapter in the Liberal’s Guide to Hypocrisy is almost too much, even for me.

And, of course, while the media was all over the Koch meeting, this conclave at the Montage went unnoticed by the MSM.

The United States Constitution provides everyone the opportunity to peaceably assembly and to participate in the political process.  It does not, however, protect the Left against such blatant and offensive hypocrisy