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Barry Jantz

Sunday San Diego… Chavez in the Mix?, New Future Voter at the Fletcher House, More

Add Rocky Chavez to the List in San Diego… Former Oceanside City Councilman Rocky Chavez is said to be mulling an open 2012 legislative seat in San Diego. Jim Sills has it first at San Diego Rostra yesterday:

“Friends and supporters are encouraging Rocky Chavez to seek one of SD County’s seats in 2012,” Sills writes. “The career US Marine served two terms on the city council, leaving in 2009 when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger first named him Undersecretary for Veterans Affairs, and then Acting Secretary the past six months, as Jerry Brown looked for a permanent successor.”

Which seat? As Sills notes, it depends on the upcoming state redistricting (and if Chavez plans to stick around Oceanside). The 74th Assembly (Martin Garrick leaving due to term limits), 75th Assembly (should Nathan Fletcher run for San Diego mayor) and 39th Senate (Chris Kehoe is termed out) could all be in play.

As I reported in February, Sherry Hodges was the first to announce in Garrick’s AD 74, with a handful of others looking at the seat. In the 75th AD, the mix of potential candidates is…well…non-existent, or at least quiet — likely due to both redistricting and waiting to see if Fletcher jumps in the mayoral contest. (I was asked the other day if I heard any rumors about AD 75. The inquirer was not amused after I exclaimed “Yes,” then told him I heard that incumbent Fletcher may be running for mayor.)

As for the term-limited Kehoe Senate seat, also in February Sills analyzed the potential for the district being more competitive for Republicans come 2012.  Read the Rostra piece here.

Welcome Caleb Cash Fletcher… Speaking of Nathan Fletcher, he may have some increased incentive not to be in Sacramento four days a week.  Last night he surprised a few folks with his tweet, “2day we welcome Caleb Fletcher to family. Adoption is an amazing blessing, but can come with only a few hours notice.” Baby and family are doing well.  A big FlashReport congratulations to Nathan, Mindy and Zach!

Clinton, Obama and Palin Invite you to Dinner… The San Diego GOP’s annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is May 26 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, and Chairman Tony Krvaric and team have pulled out the big guns:

Watch the invitation video — A must watch!

Sign up for the event here.

Have a great week!