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Jon Fleischman

Guest Column: Scott Hounsell – Failure Is Not An Option, But Democrats Are Trying… Hard

Last evening I published a note on Facebook offering to publish something from a reader who submitted a column on short notice.  A big shout-out to the half-dozen submissions.  Let me say this first — Joe from the coast, you need to actually send me .jpg files of his charts and graphs for me to use your stuff.  That said, hope you enjoy Scott’s submittal…

By Scott Hounsell

Scott Hounsell (from his Facebook Page)

While our state continues to face a financial crisis and Democrats continue to grasp at straws to explain how, even after raising taxes two years ago we are right back at our 20 billion dollar budget deficit, the left continues to state that continuing those tax increases is the only way to pay for the shortfall.  Despite this urgency, they ignore facing the issue and rather spend the time further regulating environmental quality and business development, discouraging and driving away business from our suffering economy.  With both taxation and regulation driving corporate business out of our state,  a poll of CEO’s reports California as the worst state in the nation to conduct business.

According to the Sacramento Bee article:

“More than 500 U.S. CEOs polled by Greenwich, Conn.-based Chief Executive magazine based their opinions on numerous factors, including regulations, tax policies, work force quality, education resources, quality of living and infrastructure.”

Again the Left would wish to think that they have the answers, but some interesting observations need to be made regarding the Top 5 friendliest states, vs. The Bottom 5 worst states.

Corporate Tax Rates

1) Texas (Based off of sales as opposed to income)
2) North Carolina – 6.9%
3) Florida – 5.5%
4) Tennessee – 6.5%
5) Georgia – 6.0%


46) Michigan (Based off of sales as opposed to income)
47) New Jersey – 9%
48) Illinois – 9.5%
49) New York 7.1%
50) California – 8.9%

Control of State Government

1) Texas: Republican Controlled
2) North Carolina: Democrat Governor – Republican Legislature
3) Florida: Republican Controlled
4) Tennessee: Democrat Governor – Republican Legislature
5) Georgia: Republican Controlled

46) Michigan: Democrat Controlled
47) New Jersey: Democrat Controlled
48) Illinois: Democrat Controlled
49) New York: R/D Split Governor – Democrat Legislature
50) CA: Republican (RINO) Governor – Democrat Legislature
The Above statistics reflect a majority rule during the last ten years.

Facts are stubborn things, and when confronted with blatant facts, the left collapses like a house of cards in a wind storm.  At what point will the electorate wake up and realize that our state is in the trouble it is in because of the failed policies of the Democratic Party?   When we share with our friends, families and neighbors and use other states as examples.  This is California.  Failure is not an option and with some work and REAL fiscal repair, we can make it great once again!

Scott Hounsell hails from the San Fernando Valley.

One Response to “Guest Column: Scott Hounsell – Failure Is Not An Option, But Democrats Are Trying… Hard”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    California would elect Peter Rabbit if he was Democrat!

    Most Californians went to public schools…schools are failures and roughly 40% of Californians cannot truly support themselves due to no meaningful technology age skills.

    Many in Ca. read comic books instead of critical analysis publications!

    The only way to reach them politcally is the Demo Way: Tax the producers and reward those who have made numerous poor choices concerning education, career, social relationships and temptations of what feels good.

    Republications stay the course like the “300” and fight tax increases and starve the welfare state for liberty and prosperity of Californians.

    Conviction! No short cuts or we all see property values fall dramatically, millions of jobs will be gone and the only movie play on Tv will be “Escape From California” starring the lads and lassies from the AQMD and CALPERS.

    dreds and hundreds of poor choices in their lives