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Jon Coupal

Ad Launch By HJTA During A May Revise — “Unprecedented”

“While working families are suffering, Jerry Brown and tax-grabbing lawmakers are cutting sweetheart deals with union bosses who contributed millions of dollars to their political campaigns…”

I am very pleased to share with FlashReport readers that today the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced a significant radio ad buy to alert Californians to Governor Brown’s plan for massive tax increases.

Californians deserve to know what is going on here in Sacramento.  These taxes are yet another assault on working families in California, and we are not going to sit by while the state continues to be destroyed from the inside by the career politicians, tax-grabbers, and their government employee union cronies.

The radio spot highlights the State’s status as “worst” in many categories – including “worst place to do business” in America, among the worst tax climates, worst housing market, worst unemployment rate, and the list goes on.

The spot will run statewide in targeted markets such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Central Valley, Inland Empire and in some coastal areas.

If you want to listen to the ad, you can turn on your radio — you’ll probably hear it!  But if you want to hear it right away, you can click on the link below…

HJTA News Alert May 2011

This is a good opportunity to encourage FR readers to check out the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association website at — it has a lot of great information.  You should sign up for their emails, friend them on FB and follow them on Twitter — all of which is easily done when you get to the site.  There is also more information on this particular ad campaign at their site. HJTA carries a prominent ad at the top of this page — so it’s always convenient to check out their site by just clicking on it!

One Response to “Ad Launch By HJTA During A May Revise — “Unprecedented””

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    The potential release of 30,000 criminals from State prisons due to overcrowding is a call for more taxes?????

    Only liberals can come up with such dumb decisions….these people are felons….cannot vote….cannot work in financial institutions, real estate, escrow, title work, etc….hard pressed to find a job with a Fortune 500 company….

    So 30,000 more unemployed….lots of time on their hands…..can get a bit nattie out there folks!

    Ship them out of state to the lowest bidder prison system….be done with this issue…it is a loser north, south, east and west….over!