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Jon Fleischman

Just Stop

The message that we at the FlashReport have for the small band of GOP legislators who think that it’s “cool” to go “rogue” on their party, and usurp the process of permitting the Republican Leaders in each chamber to be responsible for negotiating on a budget, is to just STOP.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Democrats outnumber Republicans in Sacramento by a considerable margin.  If you look back at policy-making in the Capitol over a great many years, history is replete with GOP legislators who couldn’t play team ball.  It is these specific legislators who have done two things well, collectively, over time.  The first is to render moot the 2/3rds vote requirements on many issues that would allow the GOP to stop the big government agenda of the liberals who run the Capitol – in its tracks.   The second is to put a Republican patina (or worse) on all of the terrible things that have been done to this state by unholy alliance of the elitist left at the state’s public employee unions.

We all know that the allure of being the decision makers is great — and “negotiating a deal” would fill anyone with a sense of some sort of accomplishment — and create a temporary fiction that for a moment, that Republicans and not Democrats were the policy players in Sacramento.  But soon that will fade with the realization that the “deal” was bad policy and even worse politics.  I can tell you that any deal that involves putting the largest tax increase in state history onto a special election ballot is a bad idea.  It is nonsense to place such a measure before voters without acknowledging that there is some possibility that it will pass.  So there is a presumption that the “deal” struck supposes that something negotiated for is worth billions and billions of new income, sales and car taxes.   From a political perspective, 2012 is already going to be a challenging year for Republicans.  Between redistricting, the new Prop. 14 rules, and the disadvantage the GOP will have in terms of available campaign funds, the one thing we need more than anything is unity.

If Republicans can get through this critical period of time demonstrating that we, not the other party, are on their side on the important issue of holding the line against new taxes — maybe, just maybe, we’ll start to pick up seats in the legislature.  Unfortunately the pride of a small group of rogue Republicans may very well snatch political defeat out of the jaws of victory, and instead of a united GOP going into 2012, we would have a fractured party limping into the election year.  Republicans win never become a majority party in Sacramento unless we can be a team.

3 Responses to “Just Stop”

  1. Adam Abrahms Says:

    We have all heard the calls to “Re-Brand” the Party – any legislator who breaks unity and votes to put taxes on the ballot will do more to negatively brand our Party than we could possibly repair. It is the deal-cutters like Anthony Adams and Arnold who betrayed our principles that share a large part of the blame for the troubles of our Party and our State.

    I trust our current legislators have learned from the past and will fight for us and our future. I know the California Young Republican Federation will stand with those who do. For those that don’t, please call Anthony Adams.

  2. Dave Mulligan Says:

    It was a no-brainer to stop that disastrous prison guard contract. Well, it looks like if you’ve go a no-brainer project, we’ve got the no-brainers to handle it:

    Rep. Paul Cook, R-Yucca Valley
    Rep. Katcho Achadjian, R-San Luis Obispo
    Sen. Sam Blakeslee, R-San Luis Obispo
    Sen. Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres

    So Cannella was bought and paid for by the union: “The CCPOA was actually critical to my election. Their financial support helped us get across the finish line.”

    What about the other three?

    And Kieffer has announced his strategy: Buy the election of “moderate” Republicans like cops and fire fighters who will cheerfully raise taxes “for public safety.”

    What does the CA Republican party (such as it is) plan to do about this?

  3. Robert Bosich Says:

    Get the feeling Flipper, Rin Tin Tinn, Lassie and Pluto will be flipping and rolling over real soon!