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James V. Lacy

California is broke because of Democrats, not dysfunction

Dysfunction is a code word Democrats use in California to disparage the initiative process, which, with the relative implosion of the statewide GOP in the last election, is the last real safety valve the People have in their toolbox to protect their freedoms and property rights. Democrats would love to stifle and regulate the people’s right to petition government through legislative initiatives, because then they would have almost complete power, save the two-third vote requirement in the Legislature to raise taxes. And they may even get their two-thirds in the next one or two elections, according to Sacramento insiders, meaning without he initiative process, we will be sunk.

That said, it has been interesting to watch the Greek financial crisis on the news. Average people there blame their politicians for creating the crisis by spending too much. Why aren’t we blaming the politicians in California, meaning the Democrats, who have had literal and figurative control of policy for almost a generation? What is the IMF telling Greeks to do to fix things? Sell their assets. Like office buildings. A solution Governor Brown stands in the way of. Maybe we need the IMF to review and comment in solving California’s spending problem?

One Response to “California is broke because of Democrats, not dysfunction”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Fear not…. Democrats are frustrated and bitter… no more spending for years to come!

    Your seeing the start of economic cannablization of California due to no growth prospects…the royals will have less and will painfully wither… a real shame.