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Ray Haynes

The Loser Mentality of California Republicans

A few years ago, when I voted for the majority vote budget idea, because I thought it would be better for Republicans if Democrats owned the budget, I was told I was hurting Republicans, because “a two thirds vote was the only way for Republicans to have a voice in the budget.” (we never had one, anyway).

Later, when I opposed the formation of the “Citizens” Redistricting Commission, I was told I was hurting Republicans because the Commission was the only way Republicans could get a majority in the Legislature.

In the midst of those efforts, I proposed the “Adopt a District” program, in which sitting Republican elected officials would go into neighboring Democrat districts and develop Republican election infrastructure well in advance of an election.  Too much work, I was told, we will be saved by the “Citizens” Redistricting Commission (oops, we were wrong on that).

I proposed changing the rule on how the California Republican Party chose its delegates for President in the Republican National Convention.  It would hurt our influence in the Presidential primary, I was told (as if we had any).

We are constantly told we “shouldn’t fight” on this issue or that issue, because most of this state is “Democrat” and the only way to win elections is to find this candidate, or that candidate, who agrees with the Democrats on the issue.  It is the only way to win, we are told. (that Republican candidate usually loses).

Time after time, when changes to how California’s Republican Party does things are proposed, there is a cacophony of voices counseling the loser course.  If we do that, the losers cry, the Democrats will raise tons of union money, get millions of illegals to vote, and swamp the California Republicans in the Legislature and Congress (as if they are not doing that already).

That is the loser mentality of California’s Republicans, and it has infiltrated every part of California’s Republican Party, conservative, moderate, or otherwise.

Republicans lose in California because they think they are going to lose.  They whine “we want Reagan back,” “Democrats lie, cheat, and steal to win elections,” “people just don’t agree with us, we need to change our positions.” Every time they are faced with the prospect of having to work to persuade a majority of the voters to vote for their ideas, they run for the hills, complaining that turning and fighting will only help Democrats.

Get over it.  Reagan is not coming back (stop living in the past).  Democrats will always lie, cheat and steal to win elections.  Our positions are the right ones, they don’t need to be changed.

We need to change.  We are not going to win by trying to outsmart the Democrats, or outraise them money-wise.  We are only going to win if we work harder than them.  We are only going to win if we convince voters that our ideas and our positions are better for them and their lives than the positions held by Democrats.  Little legislative tricks and techno-solutions are not going to change peoples minds.  We will win only when we get out into the neighborhoods, and persuade people, voter by voter, that Republican ideas are better for them over the long run.

The purpose of the political process is to persuade people to entrust us with political power.  We will only win when we persuade a majority of people to vote for Republicans because of our ideas.

Whining about the past, or about Democrats cheating, or “too many illegals are in this state” or “too many people rely on government subsidies”or even “the media is on their side” is not going to change things.  It is time to turn and fight.  No more Chamberlin-esque capitulations in Congress.  No more retreats, through silence, in the Legislature.  Work harder.  Fight the fight.  Don’t turn and run every time something might require us to work harder to win.

It is time to actually declare war.  We should no longer tolerate leaders who counsel for or against actions because it will cause Democrats to cheat more, or because Republicans might have to work harder to win.  We should work harder to win.  We should be forced to go into California, neighborhood by neighborhood, to fight for every single vote in every single home in America.  We should not turn from a fight.  We should engage now, engage often, and engage everywhere.  This is the time to fight.  Our neighbors deserve it, our state deserves it, our country deserves it, and our children deserve it.  It is our duty.

We must abandon the loser mentality that invades so much of the decision making within our party and among our elected officials.  We will win, but only if we engage, and no longer shirk the duty that voters and history has thrust upon us.


5 Responses to “The Loser Mentality of California Republicans”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Then stop trotting out cocktail party grazers for candidates with one credential…have money.

    The party should look to opening full time offfices all over California to help citizens with a variety of human needs using volunteers.

    You will never gain support without our brand being associated with people help on education, job assistance, free legal help for minor issues, sports for youth, women health,,,,,possible examples of face-to-face outreach.

    Party…..and start eating off food trucks instead of country clubs! The people…don’t you ever get it!!!

  2. Ernie Konnyu Says:

    I wonder what, if any, serious purpose you had in mind when this column was written?

    Reading it, the song, “Rambling rose! Rambling rose!” came to mind.

  3. Ray Haynes Says:


    I have no idea what you are talking about. You are showing your age. I am an old guy, and I don’t even remember that song.

    The article’s purpose is simple. I grow increasingly frustrated with the attitudes of those California Republicans who are afraid of the Democrats, who refuse to engage them on the issues, and who fret about the the media, or the political structure, or the bureaucracy, or the unions, or [insert boogey man here] being against us, and therefore we will never win. Our party has become frozen, locked in irrelevant internal fights, and leaving the real political battles to be won by Democrats.

    Perhaps, if we call that by what it is, a loser mentality, it will change the attitudes of those who purport to lead the party. We will win by working to defeat Democrats, engaging them in the neighborhoods across the state, and on the issues that people care about.

    That fight needs to start now, not a year from now. That is why I wrote the column, that is why I am trying to get them off the dime, now. The concerted effort has to begin now. It may already be too late.

  4. Roy_Bleckert Says:

    @ Ray … Your right about Rep & the loser mentality & most the country clubbers will not see it cuz they are still trying to hang on to the last very small amount of power & influence they have left

    @ Robert … Tom McClintock & Ron Paul are two that you will probably never see at the country club on the national scene !

    On the State level maybe Donnelly , Mansoor, Morrell, Norby of the new ones might be worth watching to see how they deal with the power brokers

  5. Robert Bosich Says:

    Lets channel energy to identifying those who have to go….no need for party operatives to rationalize the pathetic brand identity California republicans now enjoy! Who believes them… one.