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Romney Leads GOP Primary Field in CA, Perry in Second

New poll results show Romney winning with 22% and Texas Governor Rick Perry is showing with 15%. You can see the poll here.

Given that Romney has been campaigning in California for more than five years and Perry has barely been to the state, Perry seems to be positioned well.  Governor Perry announced in the middle of fielding the poll.

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3 Responses to “Romney Leads GOP Primary Field in CA, Perry in Second”

  1. bwiese Says:

    No gunnie is gonna vote for Romney – certainly not in primaries.

    He’s a documented gun-grabber and supported a ton of idiotic MA
    gun control laws that echo many of CA’s antigun laws.

    Why does the Reep party tolerate antigunners? You act like the party is pro-gun but we see idiots like Romney, eMeg, etc. allowed to get traction. FAIL.

    Bill Wiese
    San Jose CA

  2. Robert Molnar Says:

    “I’m not a big-game hunter. I’ve made that very clear,” he said. “I’ve always been a rodent and rabbit hunter. Small varmints, if you will. I began when I was 15 or so and I have hunted those kinds of varmints since then. More than two times.” Mitt Romney, a mans man.

  3. bwiese Says:

    More on Romney antigunism..

    * Campaigning for the Senate in 1994, Romney said he favored strong gun laws and did not “line up with the NRA.” He signed up for “lifetime membership” of the NRA in August 2006 while pondering a presidential run, praising the group for “doing good things” and “supporting the right to bear arms” but did not change or repudiate an
    stances taken as MA governor.

    * “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them,” he said.
    “I won’t chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our

    * “In a move that will help keep the streets and neighborhoods of Massachusetts safe, Governor Mitt Romney today signed into law a permanent assault weapons ban…”

    * “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense,” Romney said. “They
    are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

    Romney supported …
    – The Brady Registration Act (Boston Globe 6/12/1994)
    – Mandatory Firearms ID Cards (Boston Globe 2002)
    – 5-day waiting period (Lowell Sun, 3/30/2002)
    – Federal Feinstein Gun Ban (Lowell Sun, 3/30/2002)

    Mitt Romney signed or encouraged a ton of bad laws that are similar to, or copied from, roughly similar laws that Californians have had burdening them and which I and my brother gunnies are fighting tooth & nail to kill.

    Romney needs to be stopped and called on his BS.

    I know my fellow CA gunnies have a universal loathing for Romney given this, and given what we live under here…

    Bill Wiese
    San Jose AC

    – Signed the Mass. Semi-Automatic Ban(7/1/2004)