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Jon Fleischman

California Republican Party Drops Mass Mailing To Help Qualify Senate Referendum

As has been written about on this page, the current State Senate lines that were approved by the California Redistricting Commission amount to an “extinction event” for Republicans in the legislature’s upper house.  Right now Republicans, with 15 seats, barely can muster the votes to stop the tax and fee increases proposed by Democrats that require a 2/3rds vote.  Without a redo on lines for the Senate, former Senate and Assembly Republican Leader Jim Brulte says that the GOP will be in a super-minority after the 2012 elections.

Consequently a major effort is underway to raise the two million dollars needed to gather 505,000 valid signatures and cause the courts to draw another set of Senate lines to be used in 2012 (and set into motion a vote of the public on whether to use the Commission lines, or those drawn by the courts, for the remainder of the decade).

The California Republican Party has just dropped hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail to Republican voters, signed by party chairman Tom Del Beccaro and Senators Mimi Walters and Tony Strickland, with more to come.  Below are copies of the mailing, so you can see what they have sent…