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Jon Fleischman

Breaking News – The Roger Hedgecock Show to move to 760 KFMB-AM

In order to get this breaking news to you quickly, we are posting their press release in its original format.  Thank you, Roger, for giving us this news an hour before the rest of the world! – Flash


The Roger Hedgecock Show to begin airing on

Talk Radio 760 KFMB-AM after new year

(San Diego, CA) – For over 20 years, The Roger Hedgecock Show has dominated talk radio in San Diego.  Starting January 2, 2012, the popular host will make Talk Radio 760 KFMB his new radio home.

“I am excited to join the KFMB family that has been a staple of the San Diego community for so long,” said Roger Hedgecock.  “I’ve been planning to bring our show to multiple platforms, and KFMB will make the perfect partner for doing that.”

“KFMB has always been about mirroring our community, and Roger is synonymous with San Diego.  No host reflects the views and concerns of San Diegans better than Roger”, stated KFMB Program Director Dave Sniff.

KFMB Radio’s General Manager Gina Landau said, “As we get closer to the 2012 election, we’re thrilled to have Roger lead the conversation and coverage on 760 KFMB.”  Roger’s presence on 760 KFMB helps to complete an already potent line-up that includes Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mike Slater.

Roger is widely known as “The Radio Mayor” because of his term as Mayor of the City of San Diego, which he served after six years on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.  Combined with almost a lifetime living in San Diego, Roger brings a unique perspective to local, state and national issues resonating with people who live in the region.  This is why Roger has long maintained and continues to increase his numbers as the highest rated* talk show in the area.

The Roger Hedgecock Show was syndicated nationally in 2009 and now the power and popularity of his show is being shared with Americans everywhere from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. weekday afternoons.  His show is heard daily from San Diego to the East Coast and from the Gulf Coast to the Northwest.  Bring the show to multi-platforms for his national audience will make it the first of its kind coming from the west coast.

Roger Hedgecock’s popularity has long made him a media favorite well beyond his Southern California base. Prior to being nationally syndicated, Roger served as the #1 guest host for Rush Limbaugh for almost 10 years. Roger is frequently featured on Fox News and CNN as well as on C-Span’s “Washington Journal”.

Roger’s wide appeal for media is well-deserved. While he enjoys high audience ratings as a talk-show host, he is clearly a man of action who frequently goes far beyond just talking about the issues. With a continuing campaign that he calls, “Hold Their Feet to the Fire,” Roger has led hundreds of his listeners on a series of trips to Washington, D.C., encouraging them to take on the nation’s political leaders as “citizen lobbyists.”  Roger also frequently takes his show on the road bringing his radio audience directly to where they can make the most impact throughout the country.

*Arbitron October 11, 2011; San Diego Metro; Monday through Friday 3-6PM; Adults 35+ #1, 6.1 Share.

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For Roger Hedgecock Press inquiries, please contact Jen Jacobs at 858-518-1932 or

One Response to “Breaking News – The Roger Hedgecock Show to move to 760 KFMB-AM”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Wonder if we will see PIRATE RADIO offshore in San Diego?????