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Jon Fleischman

Chris Reed Returns To The Blogosphere!

Chris Reed

Longtime FlashReport friend Chris Reed, who wields a remarkably sharp pointed and witted pen, has returned to the blogosphere with his new blog,  You should visit his site and bookmark it.  Chris will be commenting on the passing political scene, and we will all be better for it!  In his “day job” Chris works on the editorial team at the San Diego Union Tribune, and I actually first met Chris when he was working with the editorial team at the Orange County Register.  I’m quite certain Chris would want me to make sure I mention that what he pens over at his own website is his own opinion, and not (necessarily) that of his employer.

You can be sure that our FR editors will be stopping by CalWhine and linking to great content.  Below are a couple of headlines to stories that appear right now!
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— Damned Right and Status Quo-Worshipping CTA Rejects Tax Plan