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Jon Fleischman

Denying A Coronation Gives Both Romney and Gingrich A Chance To Inspire Me – Good luck.

Given my strong desire to see that President Barack Obama is returned to the private sector after only one term — it is pretty alarming to me how dispassionate, or non-interested I am in this new battle for the Republican nomination between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.   While I had endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry early on, and still feel strongly that of all of the contenders he would have made the best President, unfortunately he did not make the best candidate.

"Coronation Of Charlemagne" - Jean Fouquet, 1460

I could pen two entire columns (or more) on Romney and Gingrich, and the particular aspects of each that have them fall significantly short of where I need a candidate to be to get excited and motivated.  I presume that as we get into the summer, and the throw-down with Obama becomes more imminent, that my need to get Obama the heck out of the White House will trump my current malaise about our Republican offerings, and inspire motivation and activism from this party leader.  I sure hope so.

I will say that I did wake up with some clarity this morning, relative to the South Carolina victory of Gingrich last night.  While I am not pro-Romney or pro-Gingrich (to be sure), I was very distressed about the idea of a virtual coronation taking place on my side of the aisle, when there is no super-amazing candidate worthy of such adoration.  Were were experiencing what Peggy Noonan aptly titled, “a nominee by default” in Romney.

Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Super Tuesday lie ahead.  Let the battle of the flawed continue.  One of them must carry our standard into the general election.  The harder and longer they have to campaign for the party’s nomination, the better the chance they can appeal to the passionately disinterested caucus, of which I am a member.  It’s a long road to the White House if a former state party officer and executive director is seeking motivation.  I am looking for the plutocrat or the genius to figure out a way to connect with a movement conservative such as myself.  Good luck.

One Response to “Denying A Coronation Gives Both Romney and Gingrich A Chance To Inspire Me – Good luck.”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Your choice: a poorly funded junkyard dog or a Wall Street creased pants lib thinking it would be nice to be President….

    Which one vs Chicago politics!!!!